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: Building Billings "Zwarte Zee" nr 592
: Andy_G December 04, 2010, 02:07:35
Well, following on from my introduction post i thought i would start to post my building log.

Despite being a model maker for many years i have recently come back into the hobby and this is my first time building a large scale boat. I like sailboats and have owned (currently looking for another live aboard) sailing yachts so have an interest in watercraft and ships.

First impression of the model kit was very positive. This apparently ?  is the updated kit of the Zwarte Zee with an ABS moulded hull. It includes many quality looking fittings and came well packed with adequate, although occassionally vague, instructions however this should pose no trouble for any experienced model maker and in most cases common sense whilst building would prevail. ;D
I was suprised that the wooden parts are pre cut, requiring only minor finishing prior to assembly.

I am now six weeks into the build. The hull has been trimmed and shaped, the main bulkheads glassed in with UHU epoxy and the holes for the prop drilled through.
I have attached the rudder stock parts again using UHU epoxy and i am in the process of shaping and smoothing the hull around this area using epoxy putty.
: Re: Building Billings "Zwarte Zee" nr 592
: Andy_G December 04, 2010, 02:20:11
My next step once the rudder stock/prop area is complete wil be to mount the actual rudder.
This could be interesting as i will have to get the hole to mount the shaft for the rudder through the hull spot on  :( otherwise it could all end in tears. It is at stages like thius that the vagueness of the instructions hit home. The drilling or measuring of the hole is no problem. However  the picture in the book shows the rudder  shaft with some kind of wider fitting on it like a sleeve where it goes into the hull. Can i find a reference or indication that such a sleeve exists in my kit !!!!! NO! The picture is also not particularly clear either. Oh well i suppose its all a learning curve  ;D
I may just find a nice rubber sleeve/grommet to fit it through into the hull as this would help porevent ingress of water anyway and i think this would be common sense rather than mounting the brass rudder shaft directly through the ABS hull.
: Re: Building Billings "Zwarte Zee" nr 592
: model tugman December 04, 2010, 04:21:34
Hi Andy  the rudder shaft should have a length of brass tube that is a good sliding fit .  and that is what is fitted to the hull with some filler and the rudder then fits up through the tube.

Does the kit still come with a gray plastic prop?  I made one of these many many years ago and the first thing that came off in water was the plastic prop, Embarrasing :-[ :-[.  Keep up the good work  George.
: Re: Building Billings "Zwarte Zee" nr 592
: Andy_G December 04, 2010, 07:21:01
Hi George,
  Thanks for the information. I will go through the kit contents this afternoon to find if there is a sleeve inside. I have just trimmed the stock back now so it is square (see pic)  and will look at getting the rudder fitted in later today hopefully.
There is a black plastic prop included for the supplied prop shaft but i may go back down to the model shop and chat with the guy in there that is a boat modeller to see if he has any aftermarket recommendations as i might as well do everything properly first time rather than end up changing or repairing parts later.

Talking about props, do you guys use any kind of lubricant in the prop tube? i was considering vaseline or model grease?  Would probably use the same to lubricate the rudder brass tube sleeve.

UPDATE: I have found the brass sleeve for the rudder. Next time i wil check th kit contents properly  :-[
: Re: Building Billings "Zwarte Zee" nr 592
: model tugman December 04, 2010, 08:27:01
Hi Andy  I would use a medium grade silicone grease for the shaft and rudder (model car guys use it I think) and you are now going to have a little job on your hands drilling for the shaft and rudder now you have the stern frame fitted might have been better to do it before.    George.
: Re: Building Billings "Zwarte Zee" nr 592
: model tugman December 04, 2010, 08:44:55
Hi again Andy I have just found a lovely painting of the Zwarte Zee in the tug art section on page 2 http://modeltugforum.com/index.php?topic=1401.msg12066#msg12066 click on the link and it should open ;)  Geo
: Re: Building Billings "Zwarte Zee" nr 592
: Andy_G December 04, 2010, 12:38:51
Cheers George.  :) that is a great painting that you directed me towards.

You obviously noted my deliberate mistake of not drilling through for the rudder before fitting the stern piece.
I have tonight managed to drill through and have got it all in place (well dry run anyway). I mocked it all up and it appears fine with the sleeve fitting perfectly (more luck than judgement methinks ;D )
I just have to make up the rudder (blades) now before bonding everything for the rudder into place through the hull.
I will put on a picture once that is done.
Then i think i will tidy the hull up inside a bit and treat the wood bulkheads to a varnish to seal them against any water that gets in, then it will be a case of drilling portholes and before priming and spraying the hull. I want to fit the portholes after spraying with clear perspex behind them as i intend to fit lighting inside. My other option is not to fit the portholes as i will be sailing it and they can be a point for leaking if not done right but i really think the extra effort to fit them and put lighting in will be worth it., as well as more original :)
: Re: Building Billings "Zwarte Zee" nr 592
: sea.mariner December 04, 2010, 13:09:10
Welcome to the forum Andy_G  :)

If I knew someone wanted a kit of kit of the ZWARTE ZEE I would have sent them my one for free ;


I have got no further with the build but looking forward to seeing your progress  :)

Regards, Dan.
: Re: Building Billings "Zwarte Zee" nr 592
: Andy_G December 04, 2010, 13:54:43
Hi Dan,
 Just been looking at your build. Have to agree with the rudder parts/stern parts being well out of shape and needing a lot of reshaping and trimming  :)

I am hoping that if i get my skates on i should have the boat ready within the next three to four months. I am going to join a club near new brighton which is about 20 miles or so from me and hope to sail her in their model boat pond/lake  early next summer.
I am lucky that i am only working on the one project at the moment but i remenber from years ago when i was building lorries having several on the build at once  :o I dont intend doing this with the boats, although i do know where there is a ic powered gun boat in need of tlc that i could acquire cheaply  >:D

I will see how i get on with this build first though . It might even  encourage you to complete yours  ;)
: Re: Building Billings "Zwarte Zee" nr 592
: Andy_G December 06, 2010, 03:32:41
Rudder now complete and fitted. Prop shaft also now epoxied into the hull. I think the next job wil be drilling out the portholes. :(
: Re: Building Billings "Zwarte Zee" nr 592
: sea.mariner December 06, 2010, 03:40:50
Portholes  angry angry angry I know the feeling  ;D

You would be better using the brass prop and use the plastic one for the deck  ;)

Regards, Dan.
: Re: Building Billings "Zwarte Zee" nr 592
: Andy_G December 06, 2010, 04:07:43
Will do Dan, i did actually think that myself when i was putting it all on.

Cheers :)
: Re: Building Billings "Zwarte Zee" nr 592
: model tugman December 06, 2010, 05:10:44
Hi Andy nice work :)
: Re: Building Billings "Zwarte Zee" nr 592
: Andy_G December 06, 2010, 08:10:58
Thanks  :)
: Re: Building Billings "Zwarte Zee" nr 592
: Andy_G February 13, 2011, 11:08:14
Well i know its been a long time since i posted anything  :( but there were a few disasters at my sisters house during December so most of my time has been helping her get flood damage sorted out.

The good news is ive started work again on the boat today  ;D

I have not done much but i have started to varnish the hulls interior bulkheads and struts to obviously try and seal them against water ingress once she is launched. I intend over the next week to reach a stage where i am ready to fit the deck.prior to this i will be spraying the external hull, initially red so that the black hull paint can be applied to above the waterline/antifoul line after this.
I will hopefully put some more pics on soon
: Re: Building Billings "Zwarte Zee" nr 592
: tugs53 February 13, 2011, 13:33:28
Good to have you back Andy!!
: Re: Building Billings "Zwarte Zee" nr 592
: Andrew_G April 27, 2011, 09:06:01
well i seem to be getting somewhere  ;D Nowhere fast but its definatetly taking shape
: Re: Building Billings "Zwarte Zee" nr 592
: Andrew_G April 27, 2011, 09:13:42
the prop is fitted up but can be removed for painting, i have started priming the hull but i am in middle of wet and drying the hull to get any imperfections out, still have a bit of work to do and must admit its been a nightmare getting this hull smoothed and shaped espescially where the rudder piece fits but i suppose its all good fun :)

I have just quickly varnished the bulkheads, nothing pretty but should seal them against water if nothing else. this will all be hidden once deck is on.

I might nip to Ste Webbs tommorow to pick up a motor.
Any recommendations as i dont fancy sticking a 9 turn brushless in to make it water ski lol  :o
but seriously any motor recommendations??
: Re: Building Billings "Zwarte Zee" nr 592
: Andrew_G April 28, 2011, 04:26:53
Had an happy day spraying the hull  :)
: Re: Building Billings "Zwarte Zee" nr 592
: Andrew_G April 28, 2011, 04:29:24
Obviously it will be black above the waterline
: Re: Building Billings "Zwarte Zee" nr 592
: Andrew_G April 28, 2011, 04:31:54
I used an Halfords car paint to do the hull.
About eight to ten coats of primer in between additional filling, smoothing and wet/dry.
This has been followed by four coats of red upto now
: Re: Building Billings "Zwarte Zee" nr 592
: Andy_G June 06, 2011, 06:27:50
Well ive been trying to get some more work done on the  hull. I'm now feeling happy because i have drilled out the 50 portholes. All i can say is my dremel now rates in my top 5 modelling tools !!!!! :)

I have also been getting the decks rewady for fitting and have got them shaped and "dry Fitted" so hope to have them on by next week.

I have also bought the engine (speed 600) and the driveshaft couplings. I also invested in my radio gear for this model which is a five channel 2.4 ghz system to take account for any toys i want to add at a later stage.

My next job is to finbish the hull exterior. I expect that Halfords red primer will be sufficient for the bottom half of the hull to give that matt antifoal look but i am open to any suggestions