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: the goon December 14, 2011, 20:00:33

Hey out there,

Thought you might like to see a couple of pic's of my first attempt at a springer about a year ago. Dimensions are the standard 18"X8", power is a no name 6V direct drive motor with a Robbe 40mm prop. The hull sides and deck are "LEXAN" polycarbonate with a styrene plastic "FOR SALE" sign for the bottom (I like working in plastic, no grain to seal  :) ). The pilot house came from a  "Pono" tug kit (from Harbor Models in CA.) . All of the rest came from the parts box (being thrifty for once  ;D). The railroad car float is 48" and is made of pine with a "LEXAN" deck (I will post some pic's of the barge in the barge section). The springer has a Robbe diesel sound unit and a separate horn unit through 2 separate speakers. Battery is a 6V 4 amp gel cell.