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: PK Harris, Appledore, Devon
: Cragsider April 13, 2008, 03:07:00
Can any tell me whether PK Harris is still up and running as a shipbuilder, if so can the contact details be supplied, I have tried googling and online directorys but have had no success.
I am trying to contact them with a view to obtaining the plans for the Tyne Tug Alnwick as this is one of the model builds I hope to complete.

: Re: PK Harris, Appledore, Devon
: meechingman April 13, 2008, 10:26:11
P K Harris became Appledore Shipbuilders in the early 1960's. You won't get any help from them as they have no old plans. I have been after the plans for the Meeching (built there in 1959/60) for years. They directed me to the Bideford Museum, who sent me off to the Devon Museum. They referred me to the National Maritime Museum, who in turn sent me to the Railway Museum at York (Meeching was a BR vessel). They sent me... to Appledore Shipbuilders.

The irony is that I had a set and lost them! I know there's a guy in Holland who has them and he even offered to get them copied, but now I can't contact him.

As well as a post here and on Mayhem Forum, you could try www.tugspotters.com and post in their forum, or perhaps on www.shipsnostalgia,com, (where you'll find tons of photos) or tugtalk (though you have to pay to join that one!). There is a very knowledgable Devon guy on shipsnostalgia who knows a lot about the Harris tugs. You'll probably also get referred to me - I'm 'meechingman' there too.

Best of luck in your search. Hope that, if nothing else, I've saved you the run-around that I did!

: Re: PK Harris, Appledore, Devon
: Cragsider April 14, 2008, 05:15:19
Many thanks for that Andy. Hopefully I will be able to get hold of a set of plans as I prefer this for getting the hull profile right.
I will try the forums you have suggested and probably go straight to the NMM as I am fair terms with them as i have bought plans for the other Tugs I have on the stocks.

: Re: PK Harris, Appledore, Devon
: TugMaster April 14, 2008, 11:13:17

Don't forget to report back on what you find out !


: Re: PK Harris, Appledore, Devon
: meechingman April 14, 2008, 11:59:23
If she's one of Harris' 'hydroconic' tugs (quite possible) then the hull plans may have had to be returned to the company that held the patents on this hull type. Sounds weird but that was apparently the case. Do a search for hydroconic on shipsnostalgia for more details.

Do let us know how you get on.

: Re: PK Harris, Appledore, Devon
: Barry April 14, 2008, 16:54:15
The Alnwick is one of Harris's hydroconic tugs and a sister ship to the Ashbrooke, a tug that I'm trying to build. My late Grandfather was her engineer. I doubt very much that you'll get any plans for her, I've been unable to find any for the Ashbrooke. I'm told by someone who worked on them when they were built that the plans had to be returned to Burness, Kendall and Partners, the designers, on completion of the build. When Burness, Kendell changed over to CAD all the old paper plans were destoyed. One avenue that may be open to you is N. E. Murray Marine Contractors of Queensborough Kent as they still have the Alnwick now called Nore Crest. They also have the Nore Swale ex Prestwick, although she was recentlly set alight by 'kids'. I've tried contacting them by post and e-mail but they haven't yet replied to me but you may be able to visit them and see what they say. It's a bit far for me as I'm in Australia.
What I did with mine is adapt the hull lines from Jim Pottingers Girl class tug, featured as a free plan in Marine Modelling Oct 1998, which has a hydroconic type hull from the same designers.
The beam and length need adjusting to match the Ashbrooke and Alnwick. The superstructure I'm doing from photos. Making cardboard patterns until it looks right. I've got the patterns for the superstructure still if you'd like a copy of them. Let me know if you do.
Incidentally the Marsden another of the sisters is a now house boat in the, I belive, Medway area.
: Re: PK Harris, Appledore, Devon
: tugs53 April 14, 2008, 19:44:22
Hey Guys!
I may just be able to help you all out on this one.
Way back, I posted a couple of photos, and info, about a local tug here, (or at least she was, before it went to the 'breakers' in China.), called the Seaspan Mariner,(ex:Island Mariner.
See: Real Tugs Real Pics Replies # 26 & 27.
Well, upon investigation, she was built by Appledore S/Yard in the UK in the mid 60's.
I know she had a 'Hydroconic' hull form as I was a deckhand on her back in the early 80's, and still recall what sea-keeping habits she had.
Anyways, if it's any help to you, Seaspan in Vancouver BC still has all the plans for the this tug, as I called them this afternoon, and will send them over to me anytime.

Let me know if this is of use to you!

: Re: PK Harris, Appledore, Devon
: meechingman April 15, 2008, 00:21:17
Burness, Kendall. That's the name I couldn't remember, thanks Barry.

Tugs53: "I know she had a 'Hydroconic' hull form as I was a deckhand on her back in the early 80's, and still recall what sea-keeping habits she had"

Are you one of those who would call it 'hydrocomic', as one ex trawlerman described it to me - quite accurately!

Island Mariner has a rather different design to many of the Harris tugs, but the basic hydroconic form of the hull should be pretty similar.

I have a few pix of the Meeching on the gridiron at Newhaven that clearly show the hydroconic hull form. Here's one from the mid 1960's.


PS: There's a pic of 'Seagarth' at Harris' yard here: http://www.shipsnostalgia.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=5263 that shows some more. I see the poster is BarryG. Is that you, Barry?
: Re: PK Harris, Appledore, Devon
: Barry April 15, 2008, 02:36:44
Yes I'm one and the same.
Burness and Kendell evolved into Burness and Corlett. I'm told that E.C.B. Corlett retired to the Isle of Man and became a Minister. He's supposed to have info on various designs that they worked on. Again if your near by it could be worth looking at.
A couple of drawings of a twin screw hydroconic tug that look some what simular to the Meeching [from The Motor Ship April 1958]. Incidentally the Meeching was shown in the background in an episode of Grand Designs with Kevin McCloud. Filmed in 2006/7 I think. It was about a house boat near Rochcester.
The third drawing is an artist impresion of the "new" Tyne tugs of which the Ashbrooke and Alnwick were part off. [ Drawing thanks to the Editor of The Motor Ship]
: Re: PK Harris, Appledore, Devon
: tugs53 April 15, 2008, 05:55:46
What a great photo of the Meeching.
Especially the guys on the float.
What a strange place to be fishing! ;D
: Re: PK Harris, Appledore, Devon
: meechingman April 15, 2008, 10:41:30
Knowing some of them, I'm sure they did a spot of fishing instead of cleaning and painting.  ;D I like the guy who's apparently walking on water. The local press once did an April Fool photo of a guy walking along the gridiron while it was just below the surface as the tide dropped. He was billed as 'sweeping the sea clean with a broom'!
: Re: PK Harris, Appledore, Devon
: tugs53 April 15, 2008, 17:52:32
Too Funny! ;D

As for 'Hydrocomic' , I just remember that she had a very different 'ride' as opposed to the round bilge tugs that we were all familliar with, especially in a good swell.
Kind of an 'oscilating' motion, that would cause one to bang his head on the bulkhead, when off watch and trying to sleep!
Maybe that's what's happened to me, but I'm OK now, now!! ;D
: Re: PK Harris, Appledore, Devon
: meechingman April 16, 2008, 00:00:01
Yes, that's motion. Like the 'Weebles', kids toys from years ago, that would wobble like mad but always come back upright. We have a local history site at www.ournewhaven.org.uk and one of my old school friends has posted some pix of Meeching taken from the mud barges she used to tow out to sea each day. They're in the Port and Harbour section - look for Dredgers working. Slight swell? She gets lively! Also quite a few more pix in Tugs. I've just scanned one of the Queen looking her over during her visit here in 1962 - not mine to post, though!
: Re: PK Harris, Appledore, Devon
: sea monkey April 16, 2008, 17:49:30
Looks like an interesting project. Keep us updated on the build. How about starting a thread in the modern tugs to show us how you are progressing?