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: Wheelhouse interior of German tug, late 1960s ?
: Calimero August 26, 2014, 13:49:32

I'm building my Odin (now discontinued kit from Odin) a single screw diesel tug. Build log is on this forum.

Robbe's plan is completely silent on the wheelhouse interior. During all these years in storage at my parents' I lost said wheelhouse (molded clear plastic). Anyway I'm now 3D printing a replacement wheelhouse. Somewhat close the the real deal.

The Odin is modeled after the Gruno V (formely Clara) or the Taucher O. Wulf 5. Both were built in 1968 and still operate as of 2014. I'm not trying to make an accurate model of either. Paint scheme is a blend of both tugs. So while this is not going to be a pure scale model I'd like to build a decent/consistent wheelhouse interior.

While Shipspotting and Marine Traffic a great for exterior/"action" pics, I have trouble finding pictures to have an idea of the typical layout, instruments of tugs from this era. I'll probably 3D print something based on pictures.

So if any of you has any pointers ... I'd like to here from you !  :)
: Re: Wheelhouse interior of German tug, late 1960s ?
: 2tugboats August 26, 2014, 14:43:51
This will be interesting Calimero. I would like to see the 3Ds that you make.
Sounds like a fine project you are re-building.
: Re: Wheelhouse interior of German tug, late 1960s ?
: des August 26, 2014, 15:56:34

I don't know about the two tugs you mentioned, but I worked in a shipyard, in Australia, building tugs during the 1960's.  Those harbour tugs we built (ie, excluding AHTS tugs) were fairly basic in their wheelhouse interior layout, comprising central wheel / helm, engine telegraphs to each side of the wheelhouse, voice tubes (yes, voice tubes) in front of the wheel station, and radios and basic instruments beneath the deckhead.  The compass binnacle was always located above the wheelhouse roof.  There was no control console in these older tugs such as we are used to seeing in more modern vessels.  There was no seat either for the helmsman - he had to stand all the time.

Some larger tugs also featured a chart / radio table with a flag locker, but these were ocean-going types, around 110 - 120 ft overall length - not the ordinary harbour tugs.  This was usually located across the rear wall of the wheelhouse due to lack of alternative space.

Sorry, no photographs - couldn't afford it in those days on apprentice wages.  Hope this helps.

: Re: Wheelhouse interior of German tug, late 1960s ?
: Volker August 27, 2014, 00:21:08
You could contact the shipowners of the TOW 5, Reederei Otto Wulf in Cuxhaven Germany:

Here is a building thread on a German model ship building forum describing the the build of ODIN as TOW 5. Scroll down and you can see how the builder made his wheelhouse interior using photos looking into the wheelhouse from the side: http://www.schiffsmodell.net/showthread.php?t=44204
Regards, Volker
: Re: Wheelhouse interior of German tug, late 1960s ?
: Model Tug Man August 27, 2014, 04:14:48
Wow, that is a nice model!!!
: Re: Wheelhouse interior of German tug, late 1960s ?
: Calimero August 27, 2014, 04:44:14
Thanks guys. Volker's link is indeed very nice. The guy did a great job. I'm probably going to steal a few ideas from him I think !

I've designed the shell for my replacement wheelhouse:

(http://rc.noalia.fr/files/odin/20140827/tn/wheelhouse01.jpg) (http://rc.noalia.fr/files/odin/20140827/wheelhouse01.jpg)

(http://rc.noalia.fr/files/odin/20140827/tn/wheelhouse02.jpg) (http://rc.noalia.fr/files/odin/20140827/wheelhouse02.jpg)

(http://rc.noalia.fr/files/odin/20140827/tn/wheelhouse03.jpg) (http://rc.noalia.fr/files/odin/20140827/wheelhouse03.jpg)

There's only half a wheelhouse as I'm still tweaking it. Once it will be complete I'll mirror it to ensure it is symetrical.

I'm going to design a few parts based on that nice build Volker linked.