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: Vintage Tug Questions
: sea monkey February 17, 2015, 12:43:12
I have a couple of questions regarding tugs from the late 1870 to early 1880 era:
When where port & starboard lights first used?
When did towing hooks first appear?
and around when did wheelhouses move forward of the funnel?
Photos of the world's oldest tug the Mayflower, are all from after a refit at the turn of the century, so no help there. Any info would be appreciated.
: Re: Vintage Tug Questions
: VANYA February 19, 2015, 02:21:31
Hi Steve.

I thought the Charlotte Dundas was the original tug/towing boat? Don't want to be picky there though.

In 1800 Thomas, Lord Dundas, Governor of the Forth and Clyde Canal Company, asked William Symington if he could build a steamboat for use on the canal. In 1802 a fine steam-powered tugboat, with a slider-crank drive system, was completed. Symington named her Charlotte Dundas. She proved herself in a test on 28 March 1803 by pulling two 70-ton barges 18 miles in 9 hours, from Lock 20 on the canal to Port Dundas, against a head wind. On board were Symington, Alexander Hart, John Allan, and various dignitaries. The tug, 56 feet long by 18 feet wide was powered by a 10-horsepower engine linked to a paddle wheel in a stern well.

: Re: Vintage Tug Questions
: sea monkey February 22, 2015, 12:51:50
Mayflower is the oldest existing one but has had several major refits.
Apparently P&S lights appeared around 1840.