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: Help! We are sinking!
: sea monkey November 18, 2015, 19:38:04
I've noticed that activity on the forum has been slowing down over the past 6 months and it has just about all dried up lately.
If it wasn't for George and Michael and couple of other regulars there would be no posts at all.
I checked the viewing number on some of my past threads and the first (4 years ago) had 17,569 views. The second (last year) had 6284, and this year's build has only had 1862. Seems to be that way on all topics. We're shrinking.
We have a great resource here in the Forum but if we don't use, we will lose it.
Guests: You are welcome here. Please register so that you too can contribute. We love photos of all models, boats and builds. You don't have to be an expert. Advice is given quickly and gently. There are some real experts in here, and from all over the world. Don't worry if your English is not so good, we don't care, nor is ours.
Members: Don't be shy. I seem to be making posts just to keep topics alive, can anyone else help out? I don't want to hog the microphone.
It's never been a better time to try and make a model tug there are so many great kits, plans, materials, new tools and technology, and experts on hand to help out if you get in trouble. I'd hate to see this little forum go the way of the local hobby shop or the dinosaur.
: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: fastfaz November 18, 2015, 23:28:25
  Yo Steve,
        I have to agree with your comments re the shrinking. Personally (being of the Dinosaur heritage with computers) I find it difficult/impossible to post photos never being able to sort out the K, M or G bites or whatever they are called to the right size to post the photos. Some time ago I finished my Norton Cross and at present I am in the middle of re building an Eldergarth (think Sow's ear into Silk purse) because of not being able to post photos I have not set up a build log to bore everyone with just a load of words.
     Possibly other Forum members are having the same issues as Mr T Rex here.
: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: model tugman November 19, 2015, 00:10:09
 >:I agree with what Steve said,and must admit to having had problems posting pictures until I got a free image resized from the web,it is very sad to see the decline in posts and apparent lack of interest in this site,the other site that I watch is OK but it suffers from a lot of non boat related postings,which muddies the waters a bit,Myself I have had some family problems lately and have not been building or posting but I promise to be back in full again soon,so please join up,andkeep watching and posting folks.

: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: mike_victoriabc November 19, 2015, 07:04:11
I check in and have a look on a pretty regular basis but I notice the west coast group that posted often have quietly slipped away. Tugs53 was very active and we've not seen him - Puffin moved away to the interior, couple of others have gone quiet.
Perhaps if others run across these guys - let them know we miss their photos and posts. I should post more of my slow builds as well!
: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: tug-arlyn-nelson November 19, 2015, 11:19:33
Yeah, ya think?  The site has had its issues, posting and keeping photos is a big one. A lot of the pix we have posted in the recent past are gone from various threads.  Posting pix has become fairly easy though at least for me. I have a photo program called Paint Shop and in there I can size my pix down so they fit various sites. PhotoBucket is another that can accomplish this, and then they can be posted here and elsewhere with relative ease. I have a build thread right now in modern tugs for the Yorkshireman tug for those interested.
: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: spud November 19, 2015, 14:48:01
Hi All,

I don't post often, due to work and family commitments  (like most people ) although I do enjoy reading the post's from other members when I get chance,   I will try to contribute more if this helps the site.

This year I have tired tug towing at a model boat club which has grown my interest in tugs and this is a great site for information

thanks to everyone who keeps it going

: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: 2tugboats November 19, 2015, 23:39:24
Well Faz, I happen to be quite fond of dinosaurs. Pictures of your Norton Cross and Eldergarth
would be valuable for many here on the Forum.

If you join this photos site, free, "Photobucket":    https://secure.photobucket.com/register
you can upload your pictures and have them stored there and then you will have a URL for
each one to post in the "Insert Image" option above.

Now, if you are indeed a T-Rex, you just have those tiny little arms and so the Photobucket
routine might not be right for you. So, if you would email me your pictures, I will resize them
and put them on my "Storage" website page and send you your pictures URL for posting on
the Forum here. It would be my honor to do so. . .tugboats are forever.

I can't post my email address here. However,  I will be most happy to help you and others.
So, I will tell you all where my email address is. This way, any of you who could use a hand
posting pictures can look me up here- http://twotugboats.com/Parking_Page_for_Uploads.php
My email address is on this page several time. I'm pretty sure there is nothing for sale
on this page, I only share pictures of my tugboat building which is not as high class as the
tugs here on the Forum.

As to the topic you have posted here Steve, I am researching and preparing my reply.
I really want to offer my findings along with the others here. I'm doing some math by
comparing your numbers with my tugboat sites numbers for the last four years.
I was surprised at the almost exact "withering" statistics between the two.

Thank you Spud for pledging more interaction. . .I read your post and was moved to do as
you are going to do, thank you.

Excellent Steve,

: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: 2tugboats November 22, 2015, 01:08:30
In the impressive photo above, I see a merciful and beautiful ending for
the ships and tug's of the world. . .trees growing out of their sterns.
as verses being a pile of rust and rot on the bottom of the pond.

Yes, our Tugboat Forum here reached a peak a few years ago, as best
I can figure, and it will balance out soon, if not already. According to
my research using Steve's research figures, there is a correlation between
my small site's counter and the Forum's counter with regards to the
last 4 years records.

My counter averaged 556 visitors a week four years ago. It dropped
all of a sudden in early 2014 to an average of 162 visitors a week.
Today, this year 2015 my visitors per week averages 121. I'm pretty
sure my site has reached its balancing point and will stay at this
average for the rest of my tugboat loyalty.

I sell big model tugboat drawings as a way to cover the costs of my
free site's pictures for anyone in the world building a tugboat. My sales
of drawings have followed the visitor statistics perfectly and I would venture
that the income for maintaining this Model Tugboat Forum has followed suite.

I'm not saying that the loss of money is any part of the decline of visitors
participation here. However though, for myself, I don't mind paying for a labor
of love and dedication. . .although some day I will run out of money.

What happened around four years ago that might account for this shift in
the interest of building one's model tugboat even on to those already building
their RC tug? Figuring from 2016, just down the street of time, back four
years, I would make in around the year 2013.

In 2013 my rent was $450.00. Today it is $650.00. My pay per hour in 2013
was $12.50 an hour. Today my pay is $12.50 an hour. Everything from food
to medicine to lawn seed has gone up 25% and I'm pretty sure that the same
has been happening to the average tugboat minded soul here on the Forum.

Again, not the money is the cause, in my opinion. I searched the events of
2013 and other than it was found that people can become addicted to doughnuts,
there was nothing that would apply to our tugboat Forum's change in pace.

So. . .I made the statement a couple of years ago that I know why my site
took a nose dive "Counter Button" wise, ". . .the reason is that I have ran out
of old guys like myself who really dig tugboats enough to build one."

Counting backwards from today to 1945 is about 70 years. I showed up in 42
and am 73 or if you showed up in 49, you are into being 80. The average life of
a man today is 75. In my opinion, those of us who were born in the 40s have
a unique outlook these days with regards to tugboats and modeling their spirits.
I think that the bulk of serious old tugboat guys are being overcome with
the health of their loved ones, the grief of young family members troubles,
and just finally wearing out. When our tugboats have to start collecting dust
because we are barley able to keep on keeping on, it will show what a huge
effect the war had on all of us a children. Men at Sea in Strong Ships and all.

Just me. . .I would really like to thank the owner of the Model Tug Forum here
for starting such a winner. It may not seem like it but this Forum is not only the
very best in the world, it's members are and always will be tugboat lovers.

Like in the picture above, even dead tugboats give me the thrill of the sea. And,
I don't care if there are trees growing out of my tug's stern, I'll find out how
to repair that here on the Forum.

I apologize for the long winded post but I want to be honest and move on
here on the forum and hope that the new tugboat fellows will indeed come out
and join their fellow tugboat builders. And for those of us who are tired,
there is no place else to go but to keep on tugboat building.

As one of our Forum's members states - Tugs are Forever


: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: des November 22, 2015, 01:30:01
Hi Michael

I think the reasons are simpler than you suggest.  We had that crash around Xmas - New Year, 2013.  Traffic dropped off for a while, but then largely recovered - until another crash at Xmas - New Year 2014 as a result of which many previously posted photos simply disappeared and haven't been recovered.  Traffic dropped off hugely after this second crash, and hasn't recovered.  Then, the "barred site" issue two weeks ago ...

I think that many site users simply gave up due to the crashes and loss of photos.

: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: FsASTSyd1 November 22, 2015, 02:11:35
I can understand anything with elect...... in its name having problems, but no doubt being of an older brand (Start date 38) i always come back to see if it is working again, whereas many these days seem to assume that if it is not working today it is not likely to work tomorrow, offshoot of the not working throw it away society maybe? Earlier talk of photographs, anybody ever sort out why the posting of same is so hit or miss, is it us or our Damn computers or is it the site. As an instance of us or them why have i got the names of the smilies but only a box with a symbol, not the smiley. Back to photos, don't think I have seen any from the IMBS on here this year, anybody get some, Sciatica leapt up and bit me in the B*m so I didn't go this year. 
Can't help thinking if this forum sinks one of the finest will be going.
Best regards.
Syd J
: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: model tugman November 22, 2015, 06:16:50
Hear Hear Sydney and Micheal,being a bit if an oldie myself I have always found the tug forum as a way to share my models and interest easily,but as you say since the crashes it seems to be slowly sinking we do no even get any posts from tug master himself,has he had problems or lost interest I wonder?
We must try to keep afloat just for the sake of us older members as a way of keeping in touch with our hobby and interest,it is nice to see what is happening tug wise across the world in reality and miniature.
Look after yourselves chaps.  Geo
: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: mengam November 24, 2015, 04:12:58

I think that many site users simply gave up due to the crashes and loss of photos.

I'm in that case. 

By the way most of the subjects presented here are also on other reliable forum like Mayhem or RC group. 

Finaly crash after crash tug and towing chapters on those sites and other are more active than here. 

It's a real pitty but just reality.


: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: Puffin November 24, 2015, 18:48:05

      puffin     glen newmeyer
: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: KEMO November 25, 2015, 05:29:33
        I know of someone who wants to register on the site, as he wants info for his Portgarth build but is unable to register, he has tried many times but cant seem to get through.

: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: olscuzbut November 25, 2015, 07:20:33
Hi Glen,  It has been a long time since we heard from you.  Appears that you have found your log in problem.  I think we all have been experiencing some weird problems now and then.  Good to see you are back.

: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: sea monkey December 09, 2015, 11:34:28
Our dwindling number has bugged me and I've been looking at some other unrelated forums (non boat/non model) and many are in the same situation. It seems that when the forums first appeared (most around 2005) there was a  steady increase in use for about five years and then a really busy period for a few years and then a slow tailing off beginning about 3 years ago.
Maybe once the newness of the whole forum idea had warn off and the casual observers and tyre kickers had lost interest it was only the committed hard core left.
Some guys only ever make 1 model so they eventually lose contact.
Most of us are getting on so there are other distractions and natural attrition.
Making models is expensive and time consuming so that cuts out a few people these days.
Most younger modellers are into different subjects (although their forums have dropped off as well).
Many guest viewers may feel a bit shy to join in I know I did for a while.
Many newbies might feel that their work might not compare to some the work on display don't worry, we all feel that way when we see the work of Leen, Tiny, George, MTM, etc.
However, when I logged on this morning I suddenly realised what the problem was. The advert at the top left of the site was for mail order Ukrainian girlfriends. They like much more interesting than fiddling round with bits of balsa. Maybe that's were all our missing members have gone?
: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: Aucklander April 19, 2016, 15:48:22
Well for some reason, I just got summarily dropped quite a while ago, having been quite supportive by way of postings and I had even made a contribution. I tried to re-inlist and contacted but got no reply from the webmaster. So I set up the Aucklander persona. I have been receiving personal messages from Sea Monkey and cannot even reply to him for some reason.
Maybe you could check the workings of the website.....
Russell Ward :-X
: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: 2tugboats April 19, 2016, 16:53:06
I sent you a "PM" Russell, let me know if it gets to you alright.
: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: 2tugboats April 19, 2016, 17:11:10
That's good Russell, you received my PM and I yours. So, you might try to PM
Sea Monkey again and perhaps it will work now.

Sorry you got "summarily dropped" a while ago. I have no idea what happened
to your membership but I sent you my email address in case it ever happens

I'm glad you figured out how to get back into the Forum alright Russell,
: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: mersey dave April 19, 2016, 22:46:00
Another factor in the way forums sink is when you look at the number of views on a topic and then look at the number of members who reply you do have to ask yourself, why bother spending the time resizing photo's the typing whatever you want to add when people are not interested as it sometimes seems. Just my thought.

Regards Dave.
: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: model tugman April 19, 2016, 23:14:48
I think we must be a very rare breed of person that uses this very specialised web site, we enjoy what we do with our models and we enjoy tugs.
Unlike other so called boat websites there are no subjects posted here that have nothing to do with tugs, which I find refreshing.
If you log on to a boat or tug website you really don't want to have hundreds of posts about cars,Lorries,planes or even health issues, so come on guys lets have more from you all and keep this website afloat and sailing.
: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: mersey dave April 20, 2016, 01:37:03
I think we must be a very rare breed of person that uses this very specialised web site, we enjoy what we do with our models and we enjoy tugs.
Unlike other so called boat websites there are no subjects posted here that have nothing to do with tugs, which I find refreshing.
If you log on to a boat or tug website you really don't want to have hundreds of posts about cars,Lorries,planes or even health issues, so come on guys lets have more from you all and keep this website afloat and sailing.

Hi George, you are correct mate this is in a way a specialised forum and it's a shame the way it's going. If people take the time to both photograph and record their progress as they work through their build it's not a lot to ask that we at the least acknowledge what they have achieved.... offer advise or point them in the right direction...This is what's needed to make this forum great again.

Best Regards Dave.
: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: TugMaster April 20, 2016, 03:10:35
Well I'm still here !

I know the site is not perfect and not really swish like other but its still here and still is just about tugs :-)

: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: model tugman April 20, 2016, 05:33:45
Here !here ! get out the rum I say Tugmaster.🌊🌊🌊🍷🍷🍷🍷
: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: olscuzbut April 20, 2016, 06:39:38
Its sort of nice now and then to see some "new guy" signing on looking for advice.  There still seems to be some response to get him/her pointed in the right direction but must admit a lot more info from the old timers would keep the forum more active.
: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: tugnut April 20, 2016, 10:32:49
Is he talking about you Geo, LOL
: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: model tugman April 20, 2016, 10:47:18
Is that the ( new guy) or the ( old timers) you are referring to little Bro.👴🏻👴🏻
: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: mike_victoriabc April 20, 2016, 16:27:44
I haven't been as active with postings but do check this frequently looking for photos and interesting building solutions. Lately I've been too busy with work and the boat building has really taken a hit. I did visit a model builder up island a few weeks ago and that got me motivated again - building small boxes for the electrical bits for two springers and another Alan B tug. Must learn the patience and fine techniques required for painting though - spayed a wheelhouse with one brand of paint below the window areas, then used Humbrol enamel on the top portion, wasn't happy with the way it turned out so I sanded it down, spayed again with the first paint, now have a great crinkle finish! Fiberglass wheelhouse but can't use paint remover as I added styrene window frames.
I have noticed we have have not seen quite a number of active posters for quite some time.
: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: Model Tug Man April 23, 2016, 07:17:19
I will have to offer my apologies for my delinquency over the past year. I retired and have been getting the house ready to sell (lost 20 lbs the first 2 months). I plan to move to a house on Lake Lanier next month. Once there, and when that house is the way I want it, I plan to complete the Franklin and begin a new build thread for the Foundation Lilian. Hope you are all well and I look forward to rejoining the fray in the near future.

: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: model tugman April 23, 2016, 08:43:39
Take it easy MTM don't overdo things, hope to hear more from you in the near future.  Geo
: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: 2tugboats April 23, 2016, 09:23:48
Congratulations Model Tug Man. . .my perfect dream also would be to retire and move to
live on a lake - way to go. And, you don't have to apologize for not posting lately. I think
your "Thousands of Posts" are a monument to your having been and still are one of the
pillars of this Forum.

As stated by several here, there is just a trend that began a few years back involving
a significant drop in not only tugboat sites, but all other Forum sites. My records from 2011
show that my tugboat building site, large scale, for years received around 2000 visitors
a month. In early 2014 the drop began and leveled off last year at around 600 visitors
a month. Naturally, the Forum here in refined to the most ardent tugboat building souls.


It is such a pleasure for me to be a part of this group. I encourage all visitors to this Forum
to take the "initiation plunge" into being a new member. . .the water is fine and the tugs
here are friendly; very much so. And, tugboat building inspiration flows freely.

Thank you Model Tug Man,
: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: tug-arlyn-nelson April 24, 2016, 19:11:23
Afraid I too am somewhat guilty of absence of late, been busy with a boat I just purchased and of course like any boat it needs lots of work. Just went back in the water yesterday after being on the hard for over 2 weeks doing various and sundry repairs and maintenance. For those interested its whats known as a Taiwan Trawler, in this case specifically a 1978 Puget Trawler one of the less common ones. Aptly named since I live on Puget Sound basically. Since completion of the IRISHMAN, I have been mostly busy with this. I like to think another build will be forthcoming this fall but who knows.  These trawlers have been used around the world and the members here will no doubt have seen more than a few wherever you reside. Here is a pic of mine.
: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: olscuzbut April 24, 2016, 19:18:38
Very very nice Tug arlyn.  Will you be doing any cruising up into BC waters?  Lovely way to travel.
: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: tug-arlyn-nelson April 24, 2016, 19:41:42
Probably not this year, but perhaps next. My daughter is actually getting married to one you Canucks in June and will be moving up either to Van or perhaps the Island later on. My plan is to eventually go to Alaska as I have made the trip many times on tugs and fishboats, but never on my own boat.  Thanks!!
: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: Model Tug Man May 02, 2016, 08:32:20
Best of luck with the wedding. Prepare yourself for lots of stress. Nice looking boat you have there. Very wise to keep her under cover. I have a 88 pilothouse trawler of about 33 feet. The only thing that works on an old boat is the owner. 
: Re: Help! We are sinking!
: tug-arlyn-nelson May 02, 2016, 20:43:17
Well fortunately its going to be a small affair and shouldn't be too difficult. On the boat, thanks. As you say its work all the time, never a shortage of things to do. I started at least two different projects today as they were right next to each other, LOL!