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: New tug book
: thamestug August 02, 2016, 05:53:14
A recently published book which is a good read.

The Tattie Lads: The Untold Story of the Rescue Tug Service in Two World Wars and Its Battles to Save Cargoes, Ships and Lives. Published by Bloomsbury June 2016; 25 Hardback/19.99 eBook; 312pages; 40 photographs; ISBN 978-1-8448-6401-0.
: Re: New tug book
: Model Tug Man August 02, 2016, 12:19:25
I pre-odered one through Amazon last spring. Did not know you were the author. I eagerly await delivery and am sure it will be an excellent read. Thanks for writing about the heroic efforts of our tugs during WWII. It is past time people knew what these men did for our countries.
: Re: New tug book
: thamestug August 02, 2016, 12:54:41
not written by me mtm but by a guy named ian dear. sure you will enjoy it and agree with your sentiments entirely
: Re: New tug book
: tug-arlyn-nelson September 14, 2016, 20:30:22
Boy, it looks like its been slow around here!  Haven't checked in for a couple weeks.  I have this book coming right now from the UK. I had pre ordered it on Amazon but its not available yet, so looked on Ebay and found several copies there for less money and almost free shipping from UK to here, so canceled the Amazon order. I should have mine in a week or so.  Also for those here in the northwest area, I just finished a book on tugs called TUGBOAT LIFE by Capt. Gerald Bell who is a local guy who worked for Dunlap, Puget Sound, Olympic and others. He worked on a couple tugs I did as well and one tug he worked on at Dunlap was one they bought from my dad, the PACIFIC FOAM, a wood Army ST of 72'. There used to be several of them working around the sound. I worked on one called the CRANE (Pioneer Towing)  back in the early70's for a short time as fill in for a guy who wanted a trip off. American Tugboat had a couple called the GONY and the CONDOR, and there a others. Anyway the Bell book is pretty good reading and there are copies on Amazon and Ebay, I got mine here in LaConner at the local marine store.  Maybe things will pick up when the rains hit here in the next month or so.
: Re: New tug book
: tug-arlyn-nelson September 23, 2016, 19:54:21
Tattie Lads came today, looks like a good book. Not profusely illustrated but enough pix to keep me happy and many if not most I have not seen before. A whole chapter on my favorite tugs, the Assurance Class.  Nice looking book overall.
: Re: New tug book
: tug-arlyn-nelson October 10, 2016, 09:53:18
Pretty slow around here these days.   Anyways I am greatly enjoying this book but did find a huge error and have notified the publisher of it. The author states that the tug used in the movie TUGBOAT ANNIE was one SABINE (1917) which ended up in the Atlantic for rescue duty. This of course is not so. The tug was of course the famous ARTHUR FOSS built in 1889, which was used by the US NAVY in the Pacific thru the war, never went to the Atlantic. I once stood on her decks when she was still a working tug at FOSS, though she may have been named the THEORDORE FOSS at the time, I don't remember.  Be interesting to see if I get a reply from the publisher.