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: old school Despatch No. 9 static model
: tug-arlyn-nelson October 16, 2016, 15:26:00
I think I first built this kit in the early 60's and its still basically the same. This is a later re-issue and there have been many. I lived on a houseboat in Seattle back then and we used to build these, glue D batteries in the bottom and tow them around with fishing poles! Lots of fun when the lake was choppy. I spend a few days building this one, sort of a blast from the past. Not doing a big build this year I don't think, have quite a few static kits stacking up. I think next will be this new Revell Flower Class Corvette. Not the big one, I did that years ago. This new issue is the Snowberry and it is 17 inches long and over 500 parts. Might take a little longer to build.
: Re: old school Despatch No. 9 static model
: 2tugboats October 17, 2016, 09:20:35
Nice work S. You reminded me of my youth and using a string on a stick to pull
a pointed 2 X 4 with a mast around the beach. . .I was easy to please when it
came to boats. Thanks for the memory S, Michael.

Note that there are a couple of sticks being used in this picture that "Tugnut" posted.

: Re: old school Despatch No. 9 static model
: meechingman October 17, 2016, 10:27:10
Wow, that's brought back a lot of memories! I must have been around 7 or 8 when of the crew on Dad's tug came around one afternoon and gave me the model he'd just built. It looked almost identical to the current one in the photos. I remember repainting it, blue hull with red boot topping. White superstructure and red decks. Funnel was red with a black top, the 'S' was never reinstated. For some unknown (now!) reason, I called it 'Trailer'. As in someone who goes on a trail, rather than something towed behind a truck.

Put into the bath, it capsized! Of course, that's how a 7 year old figures out that it needs some weight inside to ballast it. I think we made up some plaster of paris and kept adding more until we got it to float OK.

Nice to know that the model's still around.
: Re: old school Despatch No. 9 static model
: tug-arlyn-nelson October 17, 2016, 18:17:20
Thanks guys. Yep, I think its been in more or less continuous production for about 50 years. It is of course based on the US Army ST tugs built mostly during the war. I think there were two versions of the real tug, one somewhat larger than the other. My dad actually ran one of these tugs in Alaska for a while back in the early 80's I think, towing chippers and logs around SE AK, called the El Capitan.  Samson Tug and Barge in Sitka had one called the Martin D. I believe she went down some years ago when she got into irons with a barge. A friend of my dads was running her at the time and I believe he died in the incident.  American Tug and Barge in Everett had at least one of them also, one called the Judy S for sure. Back when I got out of high school my dad told me he was friends with the dispatcher at American and told me to go up and tell him who I was and that I needed an OS card and ask if they would write me up a hire letter to give to the CG. I did and they did and I got my OS card. Oddly enough the tug they had me allegedly to sail on was the Judy S. About 46 years ago. My wife found my original OS card recently, man have I gotten old!