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: plaque
: marky May 24, 2017, 15:13:50
I served my time with Henry Robb shipbuilders Leith and saw their plaque on tinternet so decided to make one for myself ,I scanned the image ,this was then transferred to the laser the brass sheet was coated with dry moli spray the laser then cuts away the coating ,I am very lucky that I work in a university and have access to workshops and technology as well as the technical help.
: Re: plaque
: Toby May 26, 2017, 13:06:06
Effective replica and yes luck you are to have the equipment to hand.

: Re: plaque
: 2tugboats June 01, 2017, 21:11:14
Nice work Marky. . .you are indeed fortunate to be able to create "tugboat ideas"
into reality at the university' shop. You have probably just scratched the surface,
no pun intended, with the possibilities you are thinking about. . .

Thank you for sharing Marky,