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: New Steam tug on the slips
: tassie48 May 09, 2018, 14:08:29
Hi just about to start a new build METINDA III WW2 tug in 1/24 scale currently doing research on her have two sets of plans under way to me looking at a steam plant to power her or could go electric do like the look of her hence the new build tassie48
: Re: New Steam tug on the slips
: tassie48 May 12, 2018, 16:56:29
First set of plans arrived on Friday 12/05/2018 two full size 1/48 scale plan pages of to get enlarged next week once I finish my road trip south then plans of to the frame man whom hopefully with get them laser cut out a first for me laser cutting then start building her still measuring and updating the build book data etc on her she is one great looking ship tassie48
: Re: New Steam tug on the slips
: tassie48 May 23, 2018, 16:15:45
Second set of plans rocked up only difference is the fwd main mast is shorter on one plan to the other just the top section from the cross trees upwards every thing else is all ok Sent copy of plan of the laser man to look at cutting and costing so the spending starts haha Simon is making 4 blade cast bronze propellor drive motor is a fan motor style type of motor 8 mm shaft is being used looking forward to this build taking a serious look at both a 1/48 and 1/24 scale model all 20 channels now accounted for on rc operation taking a second look at a secret drop down bow thruster One due to large scale and Two the single prop will make it hard to turn in a hurry should I need to get about in a hurry the bow thruster will look like the hull plating just the plating and thruster will be able to drop  down turn her around and then pull back into the hull to look like the rest of the hull plating some of the guys still think I am a great captain and can turn about quickly still do not have the heart to tell them any different tassie48
: Re: New Steam tug on the slips
: sea monkey May 24, 2018, 12:18:41
This should be interesting...
: Re: New Steam tug on the slips
: tassie48 May 24, 2018, 15:32:07
Proud to say this will be my first build were brass etch will take pride of place from port holes to door handles even steps on the mast ,switch boxes even the Nav lights will be brass etch ,hand rails valve wheels even the steam pipes busy making a list of what needs to be done the ships name will be done as well on the life buoys one will see the name brass etched as well .
Having little to do with this on previous builds will make sure this one stands out .
One major feature will be when the rudder turns so will the chains and tensioners in the steering chain troughs push and pull the chains as the rudder turns worked out that the rudder Jumbo servo quarter scale  twin rods push pull even pressure will be joined to the steering gear motor chain around a drum on to servo both linked together if you are a detail looker or a rivet counter hope to keep you amused looking at this model .
As with other models the on off switch will be in the funnel top a generator exhaust outlet is the on off switch so fwd is off and aft is on because i am getting old the radar will turn to remind me the power is still on that and the cooling water discharge haha .
Worked out how to get the port side life boat down to the water and back up again all on one winch operation working on the smoke unit to pour on the smoke black smoke drop of waste engine oil from the lawn mower makes a huge black smoke cloud when need hope to have the seagulls wings flap he sits atop of the mast on the truck tiny feature that brings a smile just hope he will not mess on the deck afterwards haha.
Just ordered the anchors and brass chain studded  all 3 metres of cable port side will be able to anchor  when the anchor drops a winch will pull up the black anchor ball and the anchor light will come on once housed the ball will drop lights out and we are off .
Only issue at present is the smoke unit for some reason is  not looking real when the winch hauls in the anchor chain trying to get the smoke to be like steam in the pipes puffing as the cylinders power the anchor winch still have time to get this looking correct and working tassie48