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: Damen Harbour Tug
: Graham D October 02, 2019, 20:36:08
I've just completed a scratch built 1/35 semi scale model of a Damen Stan Tug 2207. It's a convenient compact size for transport of 600mm long by 200mm wide.
It's built from a combination of plywood, plastic and fibreglass, and painted with spray cans.
some of the deck hardware ( winches, fire monitors, life rafts etc ) were salvaged from various toy boats.
: Re: Damen Harbour Tug
: Graham D October 02, 2019, 20:47:26
The two 50mm props are powered by a single 550 motor with a cunning arrangement to achieve counter rotation from the one motor.
As you can see in the photos a pair of nylon gears ( salvaged from a dead cordless drill ) provide counter rotation to the double pulleys with a 2:1 reduction using O rings for drive belts.
On it's maiden voyage last weekend it performed very nicely with tons of power and more than enough speed.
The maximum current draw at full throttle is only 2 amps using an 6 volt 12ah sla battery. So it should run for hours !!
: Re: Damen Harbour Tug
: sea monkey October 04, 2019, 21:45:12
Very nice!
: Re: Damen Harbour Tug
: Capt.Towline October 07, 2019, 01:58:36
Thatís a nice little tug Graham.

I like your single motor twin prop solution...a good space saver whilst still maintaining counter rotation on one....although I think Iíd get frustrated not having independent use for manoeuvres!!!