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: Plastruct butyrate tubing
: des December 23, 2019, 02:33:22
Hi all

I am looking for a material to make some derricks - but it needs to be hollow so I can pass some lighting wires through.  I thought ABS would be appropriate - its far more rigid than styrene tubing, and much easier to work with than brass.  And it's easier to bog up oversize holes and fill gaps etc.

Anyway, I ordered some Plastruct ABS tubing, but have been told that it is not available.  And nor can I obtain any in the size I need from industrial suppliers here - at least, none that I have been able to identify.

My local hobby shop guy suggested using Plastruct's butyrate tubing.  But I haven't used it previously, and I can't find any specs for it.

Has anyone used this stuff?  If so can someone please tell me whether this stuff is rigid, or semi-rigid (able to be bent with heat or similar), or non-rigid (like styrene tubing).  Does it take paint well?

I've looked at various alternatives - acrylic (generally too brittle), polycarbonate (too expensive in small quantities), PVC (can't get it in a small enough diameter), etc.  It has also been suggested to me to try polyethylene or polypropylene - but both are too flexible and don't take glues very well.

: Re: Plastruct butyrate tubing
: sea monkey December 25, 2019, 17:54:21
in the past i've used styrene tubing with a brass tube insert. Or several brass tubes that will fit inside one another. You won't bend that.
It's fine if you don't need  tapered mast.
: Re: Plastruct butyrate tubing
: Kev30 December 27, 2019, 00:44:53
Hi Des
What diameter of section are yoi looking for? I know you live in Australia but I use EMA model supplies who are bssed in South London here in the UK. They've got a website which shows all their range of tubing etc, it might help to see what is available.

: Re: Plastruct butyrate tubing
: des December 27, 2019, 03:25:16
Hi Kevin - thanks for that.  I've checked the website, and they have the size I want, in stock, and at a price which seems reasonable - it all depends on shipping costs.  I'll contact them  in the new year and try for a quote.