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: Badweiherhock 2008
: Stefan July 03, 2008, 06:45:04
The best model meeting I have ever visited is the annually Badweiherhock in St.Peter/ Blackforrest in Germany. This year ( the same procedure at every year ) it will take place at the lake called Badweiher just in the center of St.Peter at the 09.August and 10.August.
At the website of the MSK St.Peter http://www.msk-st-peter.de/ (http://www.msk-st-peter.de/) you will find only little information in english but it is worth to visit this fine meeting.   

...."Badweiher Party  2008-8-9/10

Big Harbour with about 60 m Kay, cranes, oil terminal, container terminal,the old city and many others on over 160 m2 .
Fire works on Saturday nights at Sea level.
The club does not take any responsibility for overheated controls, Out burned Motors and Shorted Accumulators!....."

Of course, I will be there, again.

Best wishes
Stefan  8)

P.S.: at the site choose "Bilder / Fotos Pics", than on the right hand side "Events". There you will find photos of the last Badweiherhocks!