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General Help, Tips and Advice Offered / Flags are fun
« Last post by tassie48 on Yesterday at 16:53:43 »
Yes it sounds like Sheldon from the big bang show but they can be a fun thing on a model I run flags on all of mine all my models have the same format of flags to port my outer halyard is my scale the flags in this case is 124 this is my scale  of the model..
Now all the guys in our crew run flags
Next is either the ships  call sign normally four flags or date of operation 44 being ww2 dday then either a collection of other signal flags etc the stb outer flags are GJM or GM my initials or owner builder .
Now couple of my models i can change flags this is easy i use a micro motors and three sets of flags on  three different halyards  so first signal flag is up a micro switch hits the motor via  channel switched on a micro motor mounted to the deck this now pulls the first set of flags down at the same time a second set of flag signals goes up yet another micro motor pulls up the second set of flags a third set pulls the third set of signal flags up and down the last one is my main ships  ensign down it comes  to half mast and back up again to signal a warship dipping the ensign and back up to the truck it goes  war ships are meant to dip in response yet to get a reply haha .
On the end of the micro motor is a simple pulley same with atop of the flag halyard motor drives up and drives down the switch stops either a timer diode or breaker wired into the motor .
Looks funny when people spot the flag change brings a smile as all my models their is a crew member on the flag deck monkey island with his hands up pulling the halyards just to add some character  and yet another feature word of caution here one of our guys runs a pirate flag and we all chase him away he has a sailing ship and it looks great raising the skull and cross bones up the mast some 900 odd mm again a simple thing that brings fun to a model so give it a go tassie48
General Help, Tips and Advice Offered / Fenders and Puddings
« Last post by tassie48 on Yesterday at 16:32:18 »
I make me own fenders and puddings the Puddings are the rope work normally found on the bow and at times on the stern counter of tug boats .
To make all you need is some time a few hours a darning needle and cotton rope or thread and either a old shoe lace or small length of rope 5 to 15 mm is ok depending on the scale .
So first thing you need to do is measure the Pudding length on your model i.e.80 mm on this build and get the thickness need 80 X 10 mm then stitch the rope to make the correct size just a rough lacing to hold them together the I wrap a binding around and around the core you have just made tieing off with half hitches every now and then remember to do this as this will be what you are tying the knots off too .
Then I start at either a quarter distance in on the pudding and wrap one complete line around the case and thread the needle and start just doing half hitches around the core stitching on to the single line around the core.
Keep doing this I now push the needle into the core and out again this stops the outer rope work that you are doing from rolling on the core add a half hitch at times when doing this ,when the cotton rope runs out  just leave it and rethread another length and keep going it will so take shape the more lines dog ends hanging out with give the pudding a great look a well seasoned pudding as you get to one end it will taper out to the end ,some times you will have holidays or holes in your pudding this is ok as you can go back and stitch it up as need .
Then start the other end from were you began and work to that end once finished you will have a custom made pudding having the darning needle you now can with a bit of effort just be careful here thread the secure lines in place these are the ropes that hold the pudding to your belting rail and stop it from moving around once you start pushing other models about .
Now some people like the well worn look others like the clean look just trim your dogends the bits from were you ended and restarted off at the pudding so now as the rope is a little new looking I stain mine either in a cup of tea black or a black coffee cup let it soak for 10 minutes or so fish it out let dry over a day or so and rig up to your tug and their is your own custom made pudding .
FENDERS some of mine are car tires some are just drop fenders car tires I use a piece of plastic hose cut to look like a car tire this is the cheapest way and you can make what ever size you wish thickness wise this is cheaper then buying tires and using them same deal one complete line around the tire then half hitch after half hitch on to each other one before long you will have a fender shaped like a car tire fully wrapped in rope work again dye as you wish and hang of the side of your tug as required make as many or few as need or model i saw had over twenty hanging of her bit over kill or a rather inexperienced skipper either way it is his call.
Rope fenders need to tell you these are easy and there's two ways of doing this start with a loop of cotton rope or what you are using tied with a reef knot this is what your fender will hang from this should look like a knotted loop now cut two equal lengths of rope the first one thread one end thru the cotton loop and tie a half hitch just before you pull it light thread the other of the two lines thru the half hitch now pull tight the first one with the second line in side it you should have four ends roughly the same length.
To make your fender take one end now before we go any further you can mark just one end dob of marker pen etc this will be the one you will always start with and use if doing it this one with the start line the one marked you will get a square frame work if using one after the other you will end up with a round pattern to your fender.
Now we begin take the marked line lay first line  it over the second line take the second line and lay it over the third line take the forth line go over the third line and under thru the first line this locked the lines together it should now look like a square knot pull them tight and you should have a square pattern repeat this till the length need at the last knot once you have the length and shape required  add a drop of superglue to the knot in the centre this will hold it all together you can go around the side and make a crown I just use the squares are side fenders .
Get some old rope 10 mm etc and have a practice at what it looks like the loop you made at the start is what you hang the fender of the side of the model with .
Word of caution here glue the middle only as the ends will be hard and sharp and could rub on the paint work on the hull .
I hope to post some pictures  later of this in the different stages of the fender build to help you guys out and to see how it works .
So give it a go its fun custom made and adds detail to your model .
The tire fender looks great on the bow pudding as well all protected and ready to shunt a boat out of the way adds character to a model .
As stated if I can do it you guys should give it a go  trust you all learned some thing here tassie48
Jokes / red lights and white lights
« Last post by tassie48 on Yesterday at 13:06:02 »
Ask one of our crew Terry I think every one or every club has a Terry whom no,s every thing so no interweb need just ask terry one of the guys said wind him up so I said to terry what happens if you see a red port light and 8 white lights under it what is that called terry said he would have to think about it and report back next week we all no he is searching the interweb looking for the answer ,so next week down at the lake  terry rocks up and said  it can not happen not possible I said it was he said prove it I said you look up one red light light 8 white lights you my son have just being run over by a cruise ship well Terry to this day will talk to me oh dear some people just can not take a joke tassie48
Jokes / A great day on the water well stared out ok
« Last post by tassie48 on Yesterday at 12:35:07 »
Many years ago well last century haha love that couple of things happen which still bring a smile no matter how many times it is told one of the model crew no names had a boat that well the bobs board caught fire over heated big time so the shout went out and over came the five boats on the water at the time One tried to use his fire monitors he was going back wards and forwards trying to pour water on the burning model now getting bigger and bigger flames doing not much to help out at all , one tried to push him back to the side of the lake ended up getting his boat burnt now it is my turn  we are talking about my tug not having a fire monitor but you guessed it a crew down aft taking a leak well I backed up to his boat with my crew trying to put out the fire you show see the look on peoples faces is he peeing on that boat had us in fits of laughter then some how we think the first boat had a leaf under it  because both of the pumps fired up   and tons of water now was flowing so much not only did he put the fire he sunk it as well we were rolling on the grass laughing us so hard our stomachs hurt  .
Foxy used his boat to try and bring it back lakeside he got caught up in the rigging and he need help so another boat went out to help and yep he got caught up the burnt out boat now trying it,s hardest to touch the bottom was pulling the other two down so in a fit of holy hell madness Foxy jumps in the water to rescue his boat seems he jumped in a very large hole and disappeared below the water this brought on even more fits of laughter so much most of us were looking for a toilet then Foxy yells out I can not swim  he remembered at the time he went under all I saw was his radio gear still around his neck slowly sinking  so we fished him out poor bugger nearly drowned could not see what happen next caused my eyes we so sore from crying with laughter ohh dear .
Terry threw in the lifebuoy thinking he will help foxy missed him and hit the now three boats barely floating which caused even more fits of laughter. and major damage
So some twenty minutes since the  fire started three boats all full of water one wet crew member a missing lifebuoy found later and six guys all with wet pants we stopped and had lunch  Terry being the Pratt he is produced a LLOYDS No Cure No Pay form and the laughing started again .
These  are days on the water that will stay with you for ever Now I find it hard to have a normal day on the water.

Same crew different day call came out for a lunch break so we all sailed over lifted our boats out switched off and got our lunches out Dave had a small tug he sailed over to the lake side went down to the water and could not see his boat he yelled out we all  came running first thought was it had sunk yet you can hear it running so looking around he had some how driven his boat up a water pipe and it was high and dry inside the pipe well the laughter started again what the hell are we going to do only this crowd could do something beyond belief so we got a bin that i have in the back of the car to carry all my rc gear batteries tool box etc tipped all the gear out and filled it with water and tipped the water down the drain just hoping it will flush out the tug boat nor so ,so another bin of water was tipped down the drain out flushed the boat the yell went up all is good dave somehow panicked and went full ahead and headed back for the pipe foxy reached down and grabbed   it just and it was going back in to the pipe .
So yep model boating can be a fun hobby and every day on the water is a great day just remember  to bring a smile when sailing with us lot tassie48
General Help, Tips and Advice Offered / My lake parts tool kit
« Last post by tassie48 on Yesterday at 11:54:58 »
I have a large fishing tackle box that doubles as a seat and carrys all me bits and pieces that I take to the lake each and every time inside their is all manner of equipment like spare crystals you more mature members that does not sound right us older guys that's better  will remember crystals some times you need a spare set or splits most of my smaller parts are in 35mm film canisters yet another throw back to times past spare couplers uni joints nuts and bolts a egg beater drill will bits couple of soldering irons gas type one a blow torch the other a soldering iron spare heat sink tools spanners allen keys lifting straps spring scale for tow testing even a expendable fishing rod and weight to retrieve models  that are broken down on the water .
Many a time we have had to do a repair to get fellow modellers on the water even a note book and pen used it once to give a lady my phone number .
Spare batteries have used more than  I can keep count you name it we carry it first aid kit ,spare wire and Z pliers even a can of spare stanchions which due to a bump I had some for a young fellow who was a bit sad he lost a couple .
Lights a torch even those glow sticks we throw then in the water all lit up and push them around at dusk bottle of oil for shafts grease .
One member would come down and we would have to carry out running repairs to keep him going never have I seen him on the water with out a helping hand need he soon learned that when we are at the other end of the lake he will have to wait till we get back their to help him out .
So next time you see me on the water take a look at the car and their sits the box of bits .
We go down to the water early and try to get a full day sailing in in all weather haha some times it is really wild some times it is just right any day model sailing is ok in my books .
I even have a couple of those plastic ponchos that keep you some what dry should a down pour hit makes a great boat cover as well .
Trust you guys  have something similar so you can enjoy your day sailing on the water .tassie48   
Modern Tugs / Re: New Tug,s
« Last post by tugnut on May 26, 2018, 13:31:03 »
Thank you tassie48 .
regards John B
Modern Tugs / Re: New Tug,s
« Last post by tassie48 on May 26, 2018, 12:39:19 »
Tugnut that is just brilliant the detail well done mate the winch gear even the doors with wheels how cool is that your painting is 100% well done John keep up the great work and keep posting those photos this is first class modelling at it,s best you set the bar high for all of us to match and encourage all of us brings a smile mate every time  gregg tassie48
Ocean Going Tugs / Re: Metinda III Tug in 1/24th scale
« Last post by tassie48 on May 26, 2018, 12:32:53 »
PART TWO on the 1/24 scale Metinda iii model build so the CH18 bridge doors this is the channel that works the bow thruster before you start yes METINDA III never had a bow thruster just in 1/24 scale and with a single prop she will be hard to turn about and sometimes very hard to berth alongside so a little help is need.
So I will be fitting a hidden bow thruster here is how it works channel 18 as the bridge doors slide this will trip a micro switch which starts the bow thruster operation ,on the rudder when at midship position their are two micro switches little to port is port side thruster little to stb is stb side thruster working when the door switch trips a micro a motor servo drive will drive the thruster unit down some 90 mm below the hull the rudder switches propels   the model either port or stb .
How is it made real simple a plastic tube house plumbing pipe is used  this is fitted into the bow of the model the bottom of this  is cut and angled to be part of the hull the bow thruster is fixed to this so when it is  down you will see the hull plating and a thruster unit glued screwed and bolted sitting on top of  the plating  and a shaft going up to drive system inside the plastic tube is a pair of worm drive teeth both fore and aft this are bolted and glued to the side of the tube then to this is the servo  drive unit basically a servo with gears  with the gears their is one for each tooth drive and a set of gears on the servo so the power unit drives down on the side gear teeth on the tube to operate to the correct depth below this were the shaft is their is a plug a cylinder that helps keep the water out this slides up and down the tube tween the motor servo drive unit and the thruster below, the thruster is 55 mm  and the whole thing is 90 mm below the hull when pushing or pulling the Metinda III around.
Atop of the tube there is a water tight cap so no water gets into the hull just the wires and these are sealed and water tight
So when housed the hull looks like a normal model hull it all fits together when deployed you will see the hull plate the 55 mm thruster unit the shaft  the thruster wires run thru the tube  so not seen .
It is a lot of work yes I see that but sometimes you need a hand to do something like a bow thruster unit that will not effect the look and the style of a model is it over engineered yep is it fun you bet cost is made up of parts from the parts bin we all have parts laying around the pipe well I asked a builder for some pipe laying around a building site the brass bolts the hold the teeth to the pipe was the only cost the bow thruster a little over size but was laying in the parts bin waiting and crying out to be used .
Was looking at model hydraulic system but just to dear to purchase this way is cheap water tight functional and a laugh when other modellers see her spin around do  not plan to use it all the time just when need or in a emergency when required .
I hope you enjoyed this part of the build and the insight  to a 1/24 scale model of METINDA III  model build .
See if i can do it make it you guys should have a go at something different and tells us here what you have planned  tassie48
Modern Tugs / Re: New Tug,s
« Last post by tugnut on May 26, 2018, 11:49:52 »
Some more bits made and fitted.
Ocean Going Tugs / Re: Metinda III Tug in 1/24th scale
« Last post by tassie48 on May 25, 2018, 15:40:14 »
Steve here is the list of METINDA III operational radio control workings .
First of all grab a cuppa this is a long read
Switch on model once in the tide switch on funnel casing one of the gensets exhaust is a switch the radar will be turning once power is on.
Then std safety check on water done one before starting out 
CH1 Rudder single jumbo quarter scale servo twin link arms even push and even pull this servo is Y joined to another that push pulls the steering chains and tensioners in the steering troughs via a drum winch on the std servo.
CH2 blower style motor 12 volt or 24 volt depending on what is their when we start building smoke stack operates when motor is running both fwd and astern at the same time you will see water discharge over the side as the water pump cools the motor with a cooling copper coil around the motor two stb side discharges one port side just like the real ship all so the pressure relief will run out on deck via a deck hose on the aft deck their is also three computer cooling fans fitted one cools the ESC and motor the other under the funnel forces the draft up the funnel making the smoke rise the third pulls air around the inside of the hull all the cowl vents allow air in and out of the model also the galley smoke stack tells us the cook is busy haha.
CH3 the port side anchor will lower and lift up also at the same time a micro servo will hoist the black anchor ball up the anchor line on the fwd mast stay at the same time the all round clear white anchor comes on micro switch on anchor winch see my earlier winch listing on her water will discharge via the hawse pipe to wash the anchor chain one crew here doing this job under the anchor winch is a tupperware dish and sponge to catch the water on a slide that i can reach in and slide out drain the water with the sponge  anchor chain slides thru a clear plastic hose to the winch once housed the ball will drop back to deck level and the anchor light goes out now have 5 Meter of cable studded cable for the winch.
CH4 Port side lifeboat the davits run twin jumbo servos that turn the threaded shafts that tilt the davits out board then the winch lowers the life boat down to the water it is tethered to the ship with a bow painter line just like the real thing depending on the wave motion this can be up and down the hull the  winch hauls it back to the davits then she is rehoused threads turn backwards and davits are housed still looking at a release system for the life boat to motor off and back again on its own rc not 100% their yet .
CH5 tow hook release I can pull the pin on the tow hook via a std servo behind the tow hooks two on board spring loaded so will drop the hook down then back up into position if the line will not drop and couple of taps on the switch should do the job.
CH6 Nav lights fwd mast has masthead head size and tow lights port stb on atop of bridge wings outboard nothing flash here but the oil lights on the fwd mast have a micro servo that can pull up the two oil lights if need stern light is on the aft mast led lights with correct diode for max lighting.
CH7 wheel house lights up binnacle has a dull light radar has a sweeping red light both isd telegraphs have a dull light not to bright  the monkey island above the bright has the same system  .
CH8 all interior lights bow port holes midship and aft port holes and port holes in the accommodation block and the engine room skylights will shine as well.
CH9 search light a pencil beam led light rotates via a fixed arc servo light throws about 30 odd feet looks the bees knees may blind the crew on the monkey island were the search light is .
CH10 aft deck hatch the lid of the hatch opens as a crew member pops up to take a look around servo push hatch open close and pushes up crew member .
CH11 we have a stern windlass on the port side under the boat deck this has a servo with stops removed and can rotate at 10 rpm which looks about right .
CH 12 this my trade mark one of the crew is taking a leak over the side as you do all my models have this feature Steve the Sailor haha is well he is really good seems to have had way too much beers and he is a world champ at throwing water a great distance some 20 odd feet you have been warned as we past by you better than a fire monitor.
Ch13 aft mast has a cargo derrick this is fixed in place and a std drum servo under the deck and from the  lower position can be raised upwards and lowers down as required the topping lift line is on the winch the two port and stb guy wires allow this to be done without too much tension.
CH14 Doors most doors aft lower deck under the boat deck  both port and stb  via micro servo due to diode fitted here the doors close one after the other on both sides and open the same .
CH15 fog horn a real size car horn in the hull this should scare most ducks away and make some people jump servo and actuator pull the switch that makes a blast .
CH16 one crew is busy working down aft welding a spare anchor a  led flashing light will arch up as he welds on deck looks great at night running operations very bright.
CH17 flood lights these are very very bright one fwd mast on fwd deck winch area two on aft end bridge wings lights up the boat deck two aft end boat deck lights up the lower main two deck these work on a timer 20 seconds on due to heat from the super bright led lights still working on getting the heat away from these but looking good .
CH18 Bridge doors these slide open and close a small micro switch and servo  with a brass rod push pulls the doors in their brass tracks so they open and close with ease .
Ch19 Sound effects crew talking radio giving of a mayday call doors slamming inside the ship people running on steel deck second mayday call .
CH20 this one makes most people smile my crew all 75 mm high some of them are animated  proud of my crew members the crew on the bridge monkey island  lift their right arm and point  one on aft deck by tow hook lifts his right arm and points one near the life boat points as well skipper on the bridge rings down for full ahead you now can hear the telegraph ting ting noise and yep the seagull on the truck atop of the main mast flaps his wings how do you say well its a funny story once i was rather up set and as you do broke my phone something about the ex wife leaving me well inside is a small electric motor with a weight off set on it this is how your phone vibrates so this motor less the counter weight turns a cam that lift and flaps the seagull Jonathan wings the motor is only 4mm so sits inside the mast  .
Look if I can think this out and make it work you guys should have a go at this it is both fun and rewarding went to a model boat show once ten tugs all lined up we had a pulling competition with a spring set of fishing scales no one wanted to do this I stepped up ran my winch which shocked everyone and then hooked and used my tow bollards to pull the spring scales  seems the others just had bollards glued to the deck were mine are all dowelled thru the deck so if you want either email me or message me and I can help you do something different on your model .
Researching and figuring out things to do is a blast .
Steve hope some of the guys read this smile and give it a go tassie48
But wait their is more stay posted
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