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Club Events / Re: Balne Moor scale event
« Last post by spud on Today at 11:23:56 »
Hi john

Great day as always, nice to see a few different models on the water.
Hopefully see you all at the next event
Modern Tugs / Re: eldergarth help
« Last post by madrob on Today at 08:50:12 »
ive built a few warships just never built a tug, or anything with korts,the motors that have come with mine are from MMM quite a bit bigger than anything ive used before, cant see any mountings that would fit, then have a nut and bolt that goes all the wat though the motor, i first thought i could take out the bolt and make some mounts up, but inside you can just see the bold though a hole and it has a spring on it.
 seen your Porthgarth build, its why i wanted to build a tug
Steam Tugs / Re: Wanganui River Steam Tug: Kumea
« Last post by sea monkey on Yesterday at 21:23:16 »
In hindsight the fittings on the davits would ideally have been easier to make from etched brass, same as the hose reel components.
But then, hindsight is always 20/20.
Steam Tugs / Re: Wanganui River Steam Tug: Kumea
« Last post by sea monkey on Yesterday at 21:21:47 »
Not a lot has been posted on the forum recently. Still people reading but not many contributing. Don't feel shy, any comments welcome. We don't want to become a ghost forum.

Finally managed to get back to work on this project.

I started a new job 2 months ago and haven't had any spare time to finish the Kumea. I had forgotten how much time work takes up. Too knackered after work during the week and not enough spare time on the weekends. One of you guys should have warned me!

It's also the middle of winter and I don't enjoy working on the model after dark. Eyesight isn't what it once was.

Anyway, I have made a start on the deck equipment: capstan, samson posts and bollards, life boat and davits, mast, and anchor windlass.

This boat didn't have an anchor well and relied on a davit to lift the raised anchor over the bulwarks for storage on the deck.

There are no photos or reference of the deck or any of the equipment. So my version of the anchor windlass is based on the type used on the TID tugs only a little bigger. The capstan and davits are simple enough and based on Admiralty drawings from around that period.

It's warm enough and not too windy today so I hoped to be able to get some paint on the finished items. Started badly by dropping a full 2 litre tin of white paint onto the basement floor from height. It went everywhere: floor, bench, open tool drawer, cabinet doors and me. Wasn't able to salvage any paint (or my jeans and shoes). Used 4 litres of turps and every rag and old towel in the house trying to clean it up as much as possible and wasted about 2 hours. Not a great success but the neighbours did learn a few new words.

This is what I have so far: a mix of brass, styrene and aluminium. The mast is a piece of teak dowel sanded to a slight taper. The capstan drum was printed at Shapeways really should learn to use that lathe in the basement that I just cleaned!
Steam Tugs / Re: Wanganui River Steam Tug: Kumea
« Last post by sea monkey on Yesterday at 21:15:31 »
I saw something on Stuff about it a month ago. After the fact, luckily, as I would probably have bought a load of stuff I don't need. Might have been the South Canterbury Museum getting rid of their maritime collection. Seem to remember an intact captain's cabin was one of the items.
Modern Tugs / Re: eldergarth help
« Last post by Techno on Yesterday at 13:43:27 »
If you type MMM Portgarth build   in GOOGLE you will find a build that explains how I fitted my motors and aligned my shafts as a newbie modeller . You should glean enough to do similar in yours
Modern Tugs / eldergarth help
« Last post by madrob on Yesterday at 04:43:09 »
Hiya all
Just purchased my first ever tug hull...Eldergarth from MMM, its actually a second hand hull from 2002, its come with a pair of motors...dirty great things i have no idea how to mount, 11 inch shaft prop my question is what size korts and props, and the best place to get them from
Steam Tugs / Re: Wanganui River Steam Tug: Kumea
« Last post by VANYA on July 20, 2018, 18:57:55 »
Hi Steve.

Ok so back to the daily grind.

Its only a hobby so remember that.

I did not see anything about a Maritime Museum. Was that the old Danish Coaster M/v Jenka?  it is being cut up so there were a few trinkets but nothing worthwhile for me. We do not have a Maritime museum to my knowledge in our town.

The Aoraki tug is up for sale too. Chinese built but not a great vessel in the ocean. A river tug really.

Club Events / Balne Moor scale event
« Last post by poll on July 19, 2018, 10:15:13 »
Hi folks a scale steering event Sunday 22nd 10.30 start a course for large & small boats all are welcome.
           Sat nav DN 14 0ER
Steam Tugs / Re: Wanganui River Steam Tug: Kumea
« Last post by sea monkey on July 18, 2018, 21:44:04 »
Hi Hayden

Not much progress I'm afraid. Recently started a new job and haven't had a lot of spare time lately. Find it too hard to work in the evening in the winter eyesight isn't as good as it was. Besides I'm too knackered after a day at work to put any time in at the workbench. Hope to get a bit done this weekend.

I see that the Timaru Maritime Museum sold off a lot of their collection did you pick anything up?
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