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NEWBIES - START HERE ! / Restoring Bugsier 3 plans needed
« Last post by bwatman on September 06, 2018, 00:13:55 »
I have aquired a Graupner Bugsier 3 (pvc hull) in need of some restoration and TLC.
The boat (from a widow whos husband made it many many years ago) is in lots of bits.
I have repainted the hull but need the plans to rebuild it back to its former glory.
Does any member of the forum have a set of plans for the Bugsier 3?
I will of course cover the cost of copying, postage etc.
Hulls / Re: Scratchbuilt hull material
« Last post by des on September 05, 2018, 20:05:42 »
Okay - I know this is an old thread, but ...

I've decided to go ahead and build a hull using styrene.  Hull will be based on a Burness-Corlett designed hydroconic tug of the 1970's era, twin screw with kort nozzles, built in 1:35 scale.

I've finally made this decision (2 + 1/2 years!) to use styrene because of the reasons set out earlier - little or no experience with fibreglass or wood, vs confidence in my ability to get a clean finish with styrene.  Also, I've always gained more enjoyment out of building the model rather than operating it on the lake - so I'm not going to be broken hearted if it isn't a complete success (unless of course, it completely breaks in half).

I'll start a build thread shortly, but progress will be slow as I have to finish the one currently on the slips - another kit-bashed AZIZ.

Barges & Other Non-Tug Vessels / Re: 37' LCT Build
« Last post by Silververfern on September 05, 2018, 14:19:05 »
Hi Michael,
I have been lucky is getting a copy of 1/32 scale Austrailain Army landing barge. I will not build the army version but will use the plans to build my model. I have now bought some 9mm ply to use for the riibs. The plan does not show any internal keel but I will build mine with one.

So I have finally started.

Steam Tugs / Re: Wanganui River Steam Tug: Kumea
« Last post by sea monkey on August 30, 2018, 22:45:57 »
I see from my last post that I've been idle for 5 weeks. I've been pretty lax with time spent at the bench lately but have slowly got back into the build as time allows and I'm now pretty close to finishing if all things go according to plan.

The other day I realised I only had a couple of parts left to make: the towing bow, tow hook, tow hook rail/slide, and the name plates. I can just about see the finish line. I was able to knock these out without too much drama.

The tow hook was made from some left-over brass spare parts from the YTL tug tow hook I made last year. Only needed a little adaption to fit onto the Kumea's tow table.

The rail/slide is brass H rod and styrene endstops.

The name plates are styrene.

The one and only photo of the Kumea (first post) shows the towing bows as not being pipe or angle iron or i beam just a big section of curved steel. Easy enough.

The tow bow/arches are made up of 3 layers of thin styrene strip laminated together around a profile. I cut and sanded a piece of basswood to form the inside curve of the tow bow shape. I then held a length of styrene strip tightly around the shape and then glued another layer of styrene on top of it. It was then held in position with some balsa blocks and pins to dry. Once this had dried completely I repeated the process.

The outer layers hold the previous layer in shape. Only needed a light sand to remove a little excess glue. It is surprisingly strong and holds its shape well. Works just as well with plywood.

The first photos show the laminating process for forming the complex curves of the towing arch pretty simple stuff, and the last photos show the finished product waiting for some undercoat.
Steam Tugs / Re: Question about Caldercraft Tug Imara
« Last post by gdpirie on August 30, 2018, 09:41:59 »
It was in a parts bag that had white metal parts for the deck and some for the superstructure.  The Imara kit has 1400 parts.  Their count, not mine.  While there is a parts list there is nothing that absolutely identifies a part.  You just have to go by instinct and the plan sheets.  These 2 parts are obviously not integral to the functioning of the boat, but it is now just a matter of idle curiosity.  I am about to go through the white metal parts list and check all the parts that have 2 of, listed.  That brings the possible list down to a hundred or so.
Steam Tugs / Re: Question about Caldercraft Tug Imara
« Last post by olscuzbut on August 30, 2018, 06:27:39 »
Almost look like some kind of saddle for holding some thing to. 
Steam Tugs / Re: Question about Caldercraft Tug Imara
« Last post by gdpirie on August 29, 2018, 06:34:30 »
Yes, it has had a run in the pond and worked well.

Steam Tugs / Re: Question about Caldercraft Tug Imara
« Last post by mike_victoriabc on August 29, 2018, 06:08:05 »
Looks like a nice build - run it in the pond yet?
Steam Tugs / Question about Caldercraft Tug Imara
« Last post by gdpirie on August 24, 2018, 17:27:17 »
I have pretty much completed my Caldercraft Tug Imara after 5 months.  I have had to make a couple of parts and had a few little parts left over.  No big deal.  I did, however; have two parts that I have no idea where they go.  If any Imara builders could identify those parts I would be grateful.  I have enclosed a picture of my Imara and the parts in question.

Regards; George
Federal Way, WA USA
Hello Des!

Wow, what a lot of useful and interesting info.
Thank you.
I shall re- read it for kort nozzles are not something I have dealt with before and this all quite new.

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