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Re: Hartman Tugs
« Reply #60 on: April 15, 2010, 21:47:06 »
Welcome Aboard DeckApe :) :) :) :) :)

What a fine looking tug you have there!!
What do you use for running gear and electronics??


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Re: Hartman Tugs
« Reply #61 on: April 15, 2010, 23:09:44 »
Welcome Decktape. I love your Avatar...brilliant. :) :) :)

Kieran H

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Re: Hartman Tugs
« Reply #62 on: April 16, 2010, 05:47:15 »
great tug you have there. nice lines.


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Re: Hartman Tugs
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Thank you Sailors

                        As to my Mug Shot this is called Tug Boat Forum Drivers License LOLLLlllllllllllllll Just kidding, I am pretty much that way at home Serving 30 years in the Navy this old Boatswain Mate needs to go back to sea where I belong.  as to the Tug this is hull NO.27 Am one of the first pruduction ordered of this kit, Made in the USA NO.27 with the Okay sign on the hand inside my hull. I got her in Febuary of 1971 $125.00 it took 5 weeks for Mr. Dwight Hartman to fill my Order.

                         I ordered her on Leave comeing back from westpac Vietnam.My Address was U.S.S. GUADALUPE A0-32 FPO SANFRANSISCO CALIFORNIA. Over a month later MAIL CALL was piped over the 1mc Boats you got a BIG care package, YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE MY TUG I sent her home to my address I will work on her when I get home after a year later I got a 30 day leave. I got the building supplys alot of resin and epoxie,it took 6 years for me to build off and on when i got out of the Navy Idecided to procede with the rest of the construction..

                          When I first got the kit there wasn,t much of anything out there in the model field everything had to be made by hand right off the plans, I made all my bitts on a turret Lathe railoings were made from brass rod soldierd useing a jig, My Electronis are simple I purcchased a terminal board for my Lights and anything else I can use in the near future I mat add. My power is a Dumas Pittman super Panther 12 volt Electric Motor. with 3 to 1 ratio gearbox I got from the Hartman catalog. Hartman came a long way scince I got this kit there was no catalog of parts Just a picture of Mr. Clayton Thomes holding his tug in his hands.

                            I have a old Kraft 4 channel radio that opperates the running lights towing lights a Horn, I have one more channel left for anything I decided that comes to mind. I was so satisfied with this Tug I was going to buy another from My Hartman. Sadly to say the least Mr. Haretman wasn,t up to snuff he was getting ill. He told me to get a hold of Steve Lillard of Scale Marine I found out this guy was a flim flam man AKA CARN ARTIST Before Mr. Hartmans Death I notified him over Steves actions I got Keel Hauled for $350.00 dead Presedents. Dwight wasn,t a happy camper Steve desroyed all the molds all of the detail like poert holes doors pilot house windows were completely destroyed Dwight was concidering to take what was left of the molds to Its Original designer of this Tug. Mr. Clayton Thomes to have the molds restored.. at that time Mr. Hartman a wonderfull man passed away I am thrilled Harbor Models now has this kit If you look very closely to the new kit offeren By Harbor models compared to the Original Hartman Douglas Greg you will see the difference. I found out through a scource who got ripped off like me that Steve Lillard comitted suicide I guess his caunchence got the best of him he couldn,t live with his self.Way Sailors Thank You for replying to my tug a little history here too. thanks for letting me bend your ear

                                   FRANKLYN DAY
                                   RETIRED U.S.NAVY BMC :D