Author Topic: Another Tug Forum Record Broken  (Read 1722 times)

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Another Tug Forum Record Broken
« on: January 02, 2010, 16:29:33 »
I am sure the reason for TugMaster not raising this record is due to copius amounts of Rum over the festive period  ;D :-[ :-[ ;D

December saw an all time record broken for the most PAGE VIEWS of 194784 lots of interest in the forum and as the stats show for the first 2 days in January there were 118 posts if we all continue to keep up the input then for January there will be more records broken  :)

Keep up the input and keep this forum the best on the internet  :)

Thanks to all for an enjoyable and knowledgable forum.

Good Health and Happy New Year to all.

Regards, Dan.
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