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ASD tug from MMB

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Hi guys and gals, well we are finally there!!!!!

Our first semi kit is ready!!!!!!

The tug is 24" long and has a 10" beam.

What you get in the kit is a GRP molded hull, superstructure, a plan, and a set of resin and photo etched brass fittings. (See pic below for contents)

The Semi-kit is 125. (does not include wood for the deck, tube for the mast or wire for the hand rails)

The motor pack (not including prop) is 50 when bought at the same time as the kit (normal price 67)

Shipping to the mainland UK is 12.  All other destinations email or call for a quote.

Telephone 01633 431010 or email


Hi guys and gals, I have tidied up this thread and I have also added new pics of the model.

Here are some photos of her on the water at the Model Boat Mayhem show at Wicksteed Park.

The tug has a 4lb 12oz bollard pull using the standard motor drive pack and the hull can take more power if you want it. I fitted my model out with independent motor control and also independent steering on the kort nozzles as well and with a a little bit of "stick twiddling" she can go sideways without a bow thruster!!!! (I must work out how I did it!!!)

The tug, being short and with a relatively wide beam makes her very agile and manouverable in tight spaces and she also steers extremely well in reverse with the korts set up as described above or if used with a mixer and linked korts.

Some more photos.....

Some more.


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