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Robbe Westerriff
« on: June 02, 2010, 10:59:16 »
I have a half built Westerrif for sale. It was originally started by my late father who died in 1997 and has not been worked on since. It needs a repaint perhaps, at least of the white cabin etc. It has the fittings kit as well as the main motor and a smaller motor for the fitted bow thrusters. It's got a pump for the fire hydrant and several servos are fitted for radio control. Also got a diesel engine sound module. Radio control gear is available but obviously this is of 90's vintage. Ideally, if someone is interested locally to me (Chester) they could come and have a look at it. Enthusiasts would realise that this lot cost a lot of money in the 90's and even now I would expect something in the order of 350. As it's a really heavy kit, it would be collect from Chester or if a reasonable distance we could meet halfway. PM me for more details