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Have you ever done any Salvage Jobs or Rescures?

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Reading What was your First Tug, made me think of Has anyone done any salvage jobs or rescures ?.
When I was on the Meeching tug with Meechingmans father the late Frank Gilbert,( Skipper) I did two salvages, the first was a ship called Manta the other was the Reedwarbler, both were if I remember correctly  20 to 30 miles off Beachyhead and taking on water in heavey weather, we got them both back to Newhaven and tied up safely, may be Meechingman has a record or notes made by his father with more details in.

I haven't got any records Donald. Most of the Meeching's logs were either kept at the Sealink Offices or up at the Marine Shops. They disappeared. Some were kept onboard but anything that wasn't nailed down when she was sold in 2000 seemed to 'walk' before her new owners got to her.  :(

I do recall Dad telling me about the Manta, but not the Reedwarbler. Newhaven Museum may have some info, I'll check that out.

Thank you Andrew it would be nice to see if anything comes up, it was as you know a good few years ago now.
Kind regards

We gave a hand refloating the Island Ranger after its barge overtook her and ran her aground in dury inlet in 95 of so . Some where i have pictures as we responded to the mayday calls earlyer the day before by the time we got there she was just going under

Thank's MAC525 Any photo's welcombe, on the two salvages I did I did not have a camera with me at the time, it did'nt even cross my mind to pick one up from home as I ran down the road for the call out.
Thank's again


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