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Game ideas for Polotugs
« on: December 11, 2007, 19:54:57 »
Balloon Tag...    Tie a balloon to the stern of the boat and tape thumb tacks to the tow knees. The last boat to have a balloon is the winner

Tug Polo...         Place a small ball in the water and have opposing goal lines   Players try to get ball across their goal.

Harbor Work... A single or team of two boats maneuver a large vessel into dock.  A five second penalty if vessel rams into dock.  The fastest time wins.

Harbor Race... Here each boat races through a course maneuvering around obstacles.  Five seconds penalty for hitting an obstacle, Fastest time wins.

Power Pull...    Weighted barges are pushed or pulled out fifty feet and return.  Boat begins at full stop and timer calls go.  Timer stops when head of boat or barge reaches starting buoy.

Breakaway Barge...  Boats battle to take possession of the barge.  The boat that  keeps barge for 20 seconds gets a point.  Five points win game.

Push'n Tug...    Two players decide weather to face up and push one another or tug each other on a hawser line.  The one to move the other two feet wins.