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Tanker escort through 2nd narrows

Looks like a nice place to work..........nice piccy

Nice shot!!!

any jobs on offer

An old steam tug at work in Auckland. Well she was newish at that time.
I had some pictures given to me of the Auckland Habour Board (New Zealand) twin screw steam tug "Te Awhina" at work. At that stage of her life -probably late '20s early '30s, she was Auckland's biggest tug. The ship, according to the inscription on the back of the picture is the "Tona"
The second picture from the same series is "Te Awhina" with the "J R Stirling" in tow.
Last pic shows a crew member catching a bit of kip down aft.
It must have been a hard day!
"Te Awhina" was scrapped owing to the indifference of her new owner. If we'd be able to get her (the price was out of our range and she was still a commercial proposition if only for a couple of coastal tows), she might be still around. Iron hull was still in good nick as was her machinery when she was knackered. Boilers looked great as the gas axe went through them.


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