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New Business Down under!!


Shane, model boats & fittings:
Hi to all,
             I have been running a Model boat fittings Business here in Brisbane,Australia for about 8 months now and would like to introduce myself, I carry over 150 fittings for scale models of all shapes and sizes I deal direct with most manufacturers oversea's and carry items you can't get in your normal model shop here in Australia...

Oversea's Readers, we can only wish for some items you have in your shop's, So this is manly directed at us Aussie's but please I welcome all...

I also carry your normal running gear motor's, prop's, shafts, rudder's and working lights of all shapes and sizes water cannon's the list goes on!!

 At the moment I'm stocking up with items from MMB ( Marks Model Bits ) and very happy with the quailty, The new range of Kort Nozzles will be a great hit with the tug boats here and will be stocking them soon..

Please feel free to look at the new website I will be updating monthly with new items as I stock them (The ordering page is not loaded yet and some area's need work ) but you can still email any inquirys to me which I will answer ASAP...

                   Kindest Regards
                                Shane Tregear
                                                              (07) 3888-4149 A/H 

Hi Shane,

Can you provide the site link please.


Shane, model boats & fittings:

                               or click on the picture on the top left of the screen ...


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