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Abandon ..... A wild state in which a sailor relinquishes a boat.

Anchor ..... Any heavy object which is designed to hold a vessel securely in place until 3:00 a.m.

Bar .....  Made of mahogany and other dark woods which sailors can be found in large numbers leaning on.

Boom .....  The sound produced when an alcohol stove is used to convert a boat into a liquid asset.

Captain.....  See"Figurehead"

Chart ..... Large piece of paper that is useful in protecting cabin and cockpit surfaces from food and beverage stains.

Compass .....  records a variety of directional errors and indicates presence of machinery and magnets spinning wildly.

Figurehead ..... Decorative dummy found on sailboats.

Fix .....  A true position a boat and crew are in most of the time.

Fluke ..... Any occasion when the anchor sets on the first try.

Hazzard ..... A body of land within a hundred yards of a body of water.

Ketch .....  A disagreeable clause in boat purchase contract.

Lead-line ..... A block of lead at the end of a length of rope which is thrown over the side to determine depths.  If it bounces, the course should be changed at once.

Mizzen ..... Lozt.

Off Shore .....  Out of your mind

Propeller .....  Underwater winch designed to wind up at high speed any lines left hanging over side.

Sea - Bag ..... Aging mermaid

Yawl .....  Southern version of Ahoy.


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HI MIKE  ; That is a hoot - how true!!!