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Sydney Star
« on: October 24, 2010, 12:15:18 »
After me saying i would not buy it i did.

I was unsure about it but the pictures looked great, i went i looked i walked away with it.

Its better off in the bin, The deck is comming away from the sides. the rear section is to short an has a massive gap.

only good thing is the paint job on the hull an the fact i had radio 6ch futaba an 2x 6v lead acid batterys.

i paid 250

If any one wants one then this is for sale, i will take 250 for it but the radio is 50 maybe batterys 15 the kit is 230. Just needs work an i dont have the accomidation to do such a thing.

i cant say how p.....d off iam with my self its a joke.

I will be listing in sales i no its not a tug but could be used for towing  ;D

if anyone is intrested let me no, will deliver with in reason