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PDF files (PDF-XChange Viewer)
« on: November 19, 2010, 02:22:56 »
Hi all,
       don't know if this program has been mentioned before, but seems great for those who have wanted to enlarge direct from PDF files, i.e Damen and Smit (After complying with copy reproduction regs etc). I have done a few trials, only found it last night, and apart from the results of drawing circles with rectangular pixels, at 10 times magnification (thats 1,000% after starting with a 100% drawing) normal lines are still only half a mm wide. This  :-[FREE  :-[version seems to only work on a full A4 page and tile printing at this magnification would give 144 pages to stick together. But wait, have just found that you can actualy select which enlarged pages you want to print off. Like I say its FREE so give it a try. :) :)

  "PDF-XChange Viewer"  from Tracker Software Products (Canada) Ltd.

There is a pro version with more activities which would cost you nearly $40.00.

Syd J
Syd J