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An important question that all Members of the Model Tug Forum must consider !

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Please vote to see results

The truth will out !


Seriously considering selecting option 6, but require further information .... please forward a photo to the forum so I can give the matter some further thought.  :-*

Cheers - Kenny

portside II:
in that case there should a positive answer to the poll and a tick in number 6 .
How many married men can say that they are alowed to build their latest model in one room of the house let alone all of the house ,and after a hard days modeling take the wife out into the country side (Ingham Cliff ,Lincoln)for a romantic meal (cheese burger ,cup of tea)at one of bryan's open days  ;D Bliss.

I didnot vote my wife done it for me
She said shes a tug widow


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