Author Topic: Swire 'B' Class AHTS/UT-720  (Read 23256 times)

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Re: Swire 'B' Class AHTS/UT-720
« Reply #45 on: May 23, 2016, 18:45:07 »
What type of layer is over the glass? Appears to be quite a gap between the glass and the covering. It looks like a plastic coating as opposed to gel coat.

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Re: Swire 'B' Class AHTS/UT-720
« Reply #46 on: May 23, 2016, 19:03:13 »
I have never been able to determine exactly what material this hull is made from.  When I received it, I noted how thin it was and somewhat flexible.  I think some of my early posts show how thin the hull is.  What ever the inside is , is some type of fabric, not like anything I have seen and very tough, and hard to sand.  It took 8+ months to get this, the 1st shipment was 'destroyed' by shipping, according to the seller.  I have to think now, that the original 'destroyed' hull was somewhat repaired and re-shipped to me.  That is the only reason I can see for all the repairs to the port/center side of the hull.  I do know the hulls are made R&L half and then assembled, but I could not tell you what type of 'fabric' was used in the original construction.  Once it is sanded very well, West systems epoxy works great.  The outer, white 'skin' appears to be an epoxy as it too, is very hard.
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