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This PM we received makes it all worth while !!

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We've received many PM's (Personal Messages) congratulating us on a great site and of course a few complaints but this message from a forum member that truely lives and breathes Tugs was so nice that I'm going to embarrass him a bit by putting it up on the forum ...sorry Tugs ! ..... you are Mr. Tug !!

Remind the folks on here how Tugs are your life !

--- Quote ---tugs53
Full Member
Posts: 172

Still a great site!

Sent to: TugMaster on: Today at 03:02:59

My hat's off to you guys! This forum is absolutely wonderfull! Full of good advise, ideas, and just good old fun!
A lot of forums die out after a while, but I'm really happy that you and Tango seem to keep it all together, and alive!
Being many thousands of miles away, it's just great to learn what I can from all you folks!
If I can help in any way, just ask!!
Keep up the good work sir!


--- End quote ---

Tugs53, Mike, don't feel you're thousands of miles from the core of this site, this site has no country as a home, we are a world wide site !... its a honour to have you as a member !



Hi all!

Don't really want to be referred to as Mr. Tug, as there's still so much I don't know, and most likely never will,but the great thing about this forum is that I learn something new everytime I 'log-in'!!
I started my affection for tugs at the age of 9, growing up on the ocean, watching local tugs seek shelter in a bay just outside my bedroom window.
Started building models about then, and started working on 'real' tugs at the age of 11.

Now I liveaboard a 55 foot restored, tug (see Restorations),and still build models, when I'm not out working my little 31 foot 'working' tug, here on the BC Coast!



Wow !
What a great life then and now, Mike. Superb.

Oh...and sorry no more Mr Tugs  :-X



No worries!!
Guess I'd better slow-down on the postings as I'm catching up to you!! ;D


Tugs, nothing would give me and Tango greater pleasure as it shows the forum has now developed a life of its own !

Which is Fantastic !!

Our mission is to be the leading Tug Forum on the Net !



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