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New to towing and need help?

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I will now own up, I am new to this towing game (although I have built alot of models)  and would like some helpful advice on how to get started, what models are best suited and more importantly what types are not suitable. Motors, bowthrusters, working winches what works and what doesn't.

I know there is most probably loads of answers to these questions and I don't want WW3 breaking out as we all do things differently and what will work for one might not work for someone else. So lets pool our vast knowledge?? and help us newcomers steer clear of any (expensive) mistakes.

First thing you need Mark is a TUG ;D


Followed closely by water! ;D



 What type of tug? single or twin screw,  what size of tug?


Good question John.
My input, at this stage, is:
1) Equip your tug with good speed control(s)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2) Make sure your towpost or towing winch is REALLY secure.
3) Have good 'fendering'.
4) try to guage the 'bollard pull' of your tug, and make sure your towing winch, (if equiped with one), can handle that strain, without 'spooling-out' on you.
5) Make sure your boat is REALLY watertight.
6)Have lots of battery capacity.


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