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New to towing and need help?

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  I agree with Mike's input, and to add to the winch section a simple power
  screwdriver end, ( Photo to follow ) which don't spool out when under load.
  Battery's. Again down to hull size, better fitting extra battery then putting
  lead in.


a few ideas off me are:
hull size is one big factor like can you lift the thing into the water my altered MMM afon alaw is 36"x12" and is very heavy but is also very stable and can get any motor,prop,thruster,winch,radio,sound unit setup you could wish for in her.
also what type of towing are you going to do pushing, then you will need push knees
pulling , you may want working gog winch or towing winch
then you need to decide how deep are your pockets a twin screw with bow thruster working winch and six channel radio can get pricey
saying that you can do it on a budget a single screw boat with thruster and main towing winch working can a very good towing boat i know i have one and nearly won the MMM finals with her
the best place to get info about tug towing is at the lake side at one of the many tug towing events that are hosted the guys that are there are very helpfull and will often let you have a go to let you sample the fun
theres an open day at MMM this saturday if anyone would like to have a chat with some of the lads that tow all the time (so called experts) if anyone is interested.       

HI TANGO ; One other important detail is stablity. Get your balast as low as you can . Tugs generally are stiff .[ low centre of gravity ] Some of the new tugs are realy beamy . House works and fitting add weigh
 so allow for this .                     PUFFIN

HI TANGO ; I would suggest that you go with a single screw vessel to start . And if you use a live kortduct for rudder . Make the travel  fifty degrees either side of center .THIS can be done with the linkage [ shorter arm on the servo and longer on the quaderant .]  A lot of good hulls around in th 20" to 30"  length . That should be a boat between 15 lbs and 30 lbs .   PUFFIN

Scroll back to this year's Foss Cup photos - a good cross section of tugs there, both single and twin versions. A lot of us have had great fun with the small 'Alan B' style hulls - all placed somewhere in the upper three from time to time. Mine runs on 4 7.2 power packs - provides weight and a good run time.
Great starting point.


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