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Police car chase
« on: August 24, 2011, 07:17:45 »
 police police police police
A Man was made redundent from work and was given a very large redundancy packet, he paid off all his morgage and bill's.
After he had done all this he found that he still had a very large sum of money left, so he bought a very fast Jaguar car, while driving his new car home he noticed that he was doing over the speed limit, a Police car pulled in behind him with it's blue lights flashing and siren going.
Upon noticing the Police car the man thought " I can out run them in this car" so he put his foot down doing 100mph he looked in his mirror and saw the Police car was still there, so he put his foot down again to 130mph and again the Police car was still behind him, so this time he went to 180mph, at this he thought "sod it I am getting to old for all this" so he pulled over to the side of the road.
A Police officer got out the Police car and walked to the driver's door and said the the man " Good afternoon sir, it's my last day on shift and getting very late, if you can give me one very good reason as to why I should'nt book you I will let you go", the man replied "My wife left me five year's ago to marry a Police man and I thought you were bringing her back to me" the police officer replied " Good afternoon sir" and walked away.