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New Member Intro
« on: March 17, 2012, 14:17:48 »
Good Day All,

Just a quick intro so you guys have some idea of who I am before I flood this excellent forum with questions. I was born (1960s) and raised Halifax Nova Scotia. I was an off and on ship modeler until moving to Alberta about 11 years ago. Not surprisingly model ship builders are thin on the ground on the Canadian prairies. There are however a lot of railway modelers.  As the saying goes: When in Rome....... I soon fell in with the local train guys. Modeling trains has been a lot of fun and I will continue it into the future but lately I've been wanting to build another ship.

The project I have in mind is the Canmar Kigoriak: an ice-breaking OSV built in 1979 for operations in the Beaufort Sea. Not long after she was launched I obtained hull lines and general arrangement drawings from the builder and have collected a large number of photos of the ship. I started the hull last winter and it was 85% complete when I discovered a couple of things. First was that my building technique (solvent welded acrylic sheet) was going to work but I was making a mess while figuring it out! I probably would have just cleaned up what I had done and carried on if it wasn't for discovery no.2: 1/50th scale is to big! I knew that when I started but I thought I would be able to deal with it. Wrong! 6ft x 16in is a pain to handle and display. So I'm starting again this time at a more reasonable 1/75 scale. It also turns out that a 1/75 scale version can be transported as oversize checked baggage on Air Canada. If in the unlikely event that I get the opportunity to attend an IOS event in Europe bringing along my own model won't be out of the question.

The Kigoriak left Canadian service years ago and has operated under the names Kigoria and currently Talagy.

This will be a very long term project and I look forward to participating here.

Some good photos of her as Kigoria:


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Re: New Member Intro
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2012, 14:33:10 »
Welcome to the Forum Brian...and good choice of a build.
I went aboard her some years ago at Allied Shipyard in Vancouver, after she'd pulled a freighter off the beach in Pr.Rupert

Impressive vessel and a very strong puller for her rating.

An aquaintance of mine was master on her for a spell in the Arctic.

Whereabouts in Alberta are you?
You have some good hobby suppliers in Edmonton I hear.


Oh...and that's a great link you posted.
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Re: New Member Intro
« Reply #2 on: March 17, 2012, 15:01:05 »
Thanks for the welcome Islander,

It's great that you're familiar with her. The Kigoriak was built in Saint John, New Brunswick and I visited the yard (from outside the fence) a couple of times while she was under construction.  As she is unlikly to ever return to Canada my chances of ever actually get aboard her are pretty slim.  Many of the photos I received from my contact at her current owner are from their original survey of the ship when they took possession of her.  They show that she is not in very good shape.  When I asked him about this he said that they normally wouldn't bother with a ship in this condition but that when your in the market for a 17000+ hp heavy icebreaker there isn't usually much to choose from.  The upshot being that I would not be surprised if she never gets another refit.

I'm in Camrose: about 100km SE of Edmonton. There are indeed some good hobby shops in Edmonton: particularly for RC stuff and of course trains.


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Re: New Member Intro
« Reply #3 on: March 17, 2012, 19:33:31 »
 ^-^Welcome aboard....I am sure we are all looking forward to seeing your build, so remember the photos. We love photos here...If you have any problems you only have to ask.