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Author Topic: Off. IOS Meeting OFFSHORE 2012, may 19th - 20th. SMG IJmond Heemskerk The Nether  (Read 864 times)

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Last weekend was the official meeting IOS OFFSHORE 2012As in 2006 we were guests at the ship model association IJmond in Heemskerk, Netherlands.
A super venue with a very large model port.Our models were in a large tent, but the main course, was to sail in the harbor.

Below the first series of photos


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Great pictures and great models.


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Some fantastic models.


Sudbury II

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Wow...some fantastic models there, and more under construction I see.

Looking forward to the next set pf pictures.

Model Tug Man

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Wow. Talk about overload. It must have been difficult to decide where to start. Thanks for sharing. cool


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sea monkey

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That looks like my kind of day out.

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