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Can any tell me whether PK Harris is still up and running as a shipbuilder, if so can the contact details be supplied, I have tried googling and online directorys but have had no success.
I am trying to contact them with a view to obtaining the plans for the Tyne Tug Alnwick as this is one of the model builds I hope to complete.


P K Harris became Appledore Shipbuilders in the early 1960's. You won't get any help from them as they have no old plans. I have been after the plans for the Meeching (built there in 1959/60) for years. They directed me to the Bideford Museum, who sent me off to the Devon Museum. They referred me to the National Maritime Museum, who in turn sent me to the Railway Museum at York (Meeching was a BR vessel). They sent me... to Appledore Shipbuilders.

The irony is that I had a set and lost them! I know there's a guy in Holland who has them and he even offered to get them copied, but now I can't contact him.

As well as a post here and on Mayhem Forum, you could try www.tugspotters.com and post in their forum, or perhaps on www.shipsnostalgia,com, (where you'll find tons of photos) or tugtalk (though you have to pay to join that one!). There is a very knowledgable Devon guy on shipsnostalgia who knows a lot about the Harris tugs. You'll probably also get referred to me - I'm 'meechingman' there too.

Best of luck in your search. Hope that, if nothing else, I've saved you the run-around that I did!


Many thanks for that Andy. Hopefully I will be able to get hold of a set of plans as I prefer this for getting the hull profile right.
I will try the forums you have suggested and probably go straight to the NMM as I am fair terms with them as i have bought plans for the other Tugs I have on the stocks.



Don't forget to report back on what you find out !



If she's one of Harris' 'hydroconic' tugs (quite possible) then the hull plans may have had to be returned to the company that held the patents on this hull type. Sounds weird but that was apparently the case. Do a search for hydroconic on shipsnostalgia for more details.

Do let us know how you get on.



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