Author Topic: Has anyone bought from Hobby-lobby Modellbau?  (Read 7680 times)

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Re: Has anyone bought from Hobby-lobby Modellbau?
« Reply #15 on: April 25, 2013, 09:17:09 »
I have bought from them with no problems, and I saw them at Dortmund for the Intermodelblau at the Westfalhallen Exhibition Centre....a very busy stand, as there selection and quality is superb, and the pool for boats is huge, check out YouTube plenty of videos.

PS. If you haven't gone to Dortmund for the show, please do, its usually beginning of April every year (direct flights from Luton to Dortmund) you won't be disappointed, it was my third time this year. There are 7 Halls the size of a football pitch, one for Trucks, Boats, Planes, Cars, Trucks, Trains etc. displays, demonstrations and the beer and brotwurst is divine...Please go!!!
If you want any advice on where to stay, eat, get around please don't hesitate to ask...the Germans know how to put on a fantastic event. Dortmund itself is mostly pedestrian with a fantastic underground, train system, shopping whatever you want. I'm not German (English) but I'm never disappointed.