Author Topic: Unused and unwanted motors, ESC.s and electronics. ALL SOLD.  (Read 1618 times)

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Peter M

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Hi all,

Iím offering some items that are all unused that I will never need.

Iím not willing to split the motors and ESCís nor the P 100ís and amplifiers.

Photos available on request via e-mail address.

Prices as new quoted below and looking for 60% of the original costs ONO plus P&P/carriage.


2 x Overlander T35/48/5 Brushless motors.    Original cost each £20.99

2 x Hawk BL 60 Amp Brushless ESCís      Original cost each £59.99


2 x Action P 100 Noisy Things         Original cost each £87.50

1 x Action P 104            Original cost £16.00

2 x P 96 Servo Morphs.          Original cost each £14.00

2 x Action P101 15 watt amplifiers.       Original cost each £30.00

2 x Action P19 1 amp BECís.         Original cost each £9.00

1 x Action Condor 10/2 ESC.         Original cost £31.00


1 x Action P 104 to allow additional sounds to be played and built onto 1 x Action P 95 Noisy Thing.

PM Please if you are interested.

Prefer to ship UK but will ship abroad if necessary.


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