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US Navy Tug Hoga YT-146


Hi All,

Years ago I saw a picture of the City of Oakland fire boat and thought it would be a fine model.  In doing the research on the City of Oakland I learned it was the navy tug Hoga YT-146 which is reported to be the last yard tug still afloat that was at Pearl Harbor during the attack.  I have been gathering information for many years but the one thing I have not been able to find are the lines and offsets.  Any help will be appreciated.


Hello Capn'Bob,

I took a look around the Internet and found this site. The builder has
the option to write him at the bottom. He has built a handsome model
of this fine Navy tugboat.


Welcome aboard and let us know how you make out and all,
Michael in Anacortes, Washington

The Learner:
Woban class navy yard tug certified YTM and YTB as is the City of Oakland

sea monkey:
There are several builds of Woban class tugs on RCGroups. mmalmsten has a current one at:


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