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Alva B 1890
« on: April 10, 2017, 06:35:39 »
i will post images as soon as i figure it out. Right now all i am getting is tiny postage size images in the post and you can not really see detail

Registry and Rig Information
Vessel Name: ALVA B.
Nationality: U.S.
Official Number: 106738
Rig: Tug
Dimensions and Tonnage
Length: 73.50
Width: 18.42
Depth: 10.50
Masts: 0
Gross Tonnage: 83.00
Net Tonnage: 41.00
Hull Material: Wood
Hull Number: 00054
Vessel History
Disposition: Foundered November 1, 1917 off Avon Point, OH, Lake Erie; no lives lost. Had reportedly lain for some time at Sandusky, OH, and had dried out.
Build Information

Builder: Union Dry Dock Co.
Place Built: Buffalo, NY
Year Built: 1890

Ownership Changes

Owner Date Registry Official Number
Vessel Owners' Towing Co. 1890 - 1899 U.S. 106738
Great Lakes Towing Co. 1899 - 1914 U.S. 106738
H.S. Kerbaugh, Inc. 1914 - 1917 U.S. 106738
American Towing Co. 1917 - 1917 U.S. 106738
Name Changes

Name Date Registry Official Number
No name changes recorded.
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Re: Alva B 1890
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2017, 06:52:52 »
ok i get it all you can post it tiny pictures. Way to small to see detail so go here

my questions are

1 when there is a rake to the keel are the frames built perpendicular to the waterline or to the keel? in other words when the vessel is floating do the frames slant?

2 why is the wheelhouse built on a slant but everything else is perpenduclar to the waterline

3 are the stanchions which form the bulwarks usually a seperate piece or part of the frame?

this project will be a diorama of the alva being built. i will construct the static model or at least try to construct it timber for timber as the real vessel was built. That is if i can get enought information.
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