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AHTS Aziz - a few questions

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Hi all,

 I have a few questions regarding the model slipway Aziz AHTS. I have owned one of these before and I intend to do so again. So, my questions are as follows;

- Imagine a pre built Aziz, without Bow thruster but having a dummy tube already fitted. How difficult a task is it to retro fit a decent thruster?

- Again, Pre built model in question. I would like to use Aziz as a towing tug, to tow a future 'project' of a fairly large size and weight. How would you all suggest I convert the tug for this?

- Model slipways motors! The ones fitted are the 6:1 ratio motors on 12V system. Is it 'to risky' to use these for towing?

- Finally, if I did convert Aziz for towing, is it worth putting in a working winch do we think?

 Many thanks in advance folks, I'm just curious as to what you would do if it were your boat.  :)

west coast tug:
A working winch will be a big help in towing , Adjustable tows line help when under way and short for docking.

On www.tugboats.de is a report of a AZIZ built but as Red Merlin: www.tugboats.de/red_merlin.html
Sorry it is in German. The builder uses it für heavy towage of inflatable boats. As his towage winch is not powerfull enough he added a towing hook that the original doen't have.
The hook is attached to a vertical brass pipe that goes down to the bottom of the hull and is securede there.
Here you see the pipe: www.tugboats.de/bilder_fuer_red_merlin/14_red_merlin.jpg
And here the Winch and hook: www.tugboats.de/bilder_fuer_red_merlin/32_red_merlin.jpg
These to photos are in this report.

Thanks Gary, thanks Volker...

 Very helpful indeed. I may start a thread when I start the modifications - it's going to be 1 of a few winter projects on the bench.

Sudbury II:
Quite the build.



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