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A Personal But Public Thank You
« on: March 24, 2014, 08:11:29 »
I'm not sure this is the correct part of this site to send this but it didn't really fit in with any of the others either, so here goes.

I would like to make a public 'Thank You' on this site, to none other than one of its co-founder members Mark Windless. Ever since I picked up my hand crafted tug, which I since found out was the Willem Muller Zeeland, this special guy has been on hand virtually 7 days a week guiding me through the restoration and the electronics which are shortly to be installed. His wealth of knowledge is amazing and he has certainly taught me a lot over the last few weeks, from the electronics side to surgery on my boat to get things to fit and run properly. Without the help that he has given me I'm not sure if I actually would have ever managed to finish the major things that the boat required. Bearing in mind I have never touched a boat before he had me drilling out the hull to fit new prop shaft sleeves, routing out holes in the electrics compartment to fit the motor mounts on blacks that had to be set lower than the compartment floor to align up correctly are to name just two. A wealth of 'tips and tricks' along the way making the work so much easier. He has had to put up with a constant bombardment of questions from me along the way too. In my opinion Mark I feel like I've made a good friend for life (unfortunately for you,lol). So here we are, 'Thank You' Mark, couldn't have done this without you mate!

I'd also like to thank my buddy Des in Oz for his input too, another great guy always ready to respond with really sound and well thought through answers and information when needed, so thanks to Des mate!

It really has made me realise just how valuable sites such as these actually are for people like myself, electronically challenged and general spastic. Although not bad at painting and spraying I've actually found out that I am quite good at working with wood too. My Dad would be proud as he spent a lifetime as a carpenter and cabinet maker for the Government in places such as Whitehall and The House Of Commons etc., perhaps it is in the genes after all,lol.

Thank you to everyone else who chipped in along the way too. I just have the superstructure to do a bit of work on and rigging and when done I'll post a few images for you all to see.

What a rockin' site!    :)  cool   :)

All the very best,

Proud  father of a new Hobby Engine 1/35 scale Southampton tug and 1/24 scale hand crafted Zeeland tug