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Book to help paint your model
« on: September 21, 2014, 12:54:53 »
I've been building my voith tug now for some little while but have shelved it to finish off two steam projects at the present time.
Even though I haven't been working on the model there's one job on the tug that I'm really not looking forward to is painting it, as there's a lot of metal parts that need etching primer applied to them and also all the masking off. As I was talking to various model railway modelers and they also said that the paint job can either make or completely ruin a model even if the preparation has been carried out correctly. Recently I've bought a book from a second hand book company which was going for 15, I've seen this book at many shows and exhibitions I've been to but never bothered looking at it  but after reading this book it points out many mistakes that can happen if you don't get geared up right when starting out painting your model.
I must say the author is painting a large model steam locomotive where he's spraying a much larger surface area than a model tug but its all the other points he highlights in this book that may be of interest to members.

How (not) to paint a locomotive
ISBN 978-0-9553359-0-7