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The Seahunter- the big refit begins....

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First of all I should say this rebuild is also on another forum, but each time I update that I'll post it here as well.

The Wimpey Seahunter was built in 1982 at Appledore UK. The model was drawn to 1/65th scale by Dave Metcalf and a grp hull was offered for sale by ABCO. I was generously presented with two of them as a leaving gift from a workplace in 1990. Only one remains and in very sorry state, this is going to get a full refit.

As the original is now 32 years old I looked around the internet for anything that looked more modern but had the same hull design. I found what I was looking for, a boat built for Havila but on long term contract in the Far east to POSH, the POSH Venture. I have managed to source basic plans for the Venture but along with the many photo's on the internet  I should turn out a reasonable facsimile.

So that's the background here's a couple of pictures,

The first is the Med Sette ex Wimpey Seahunter, this went into dry dock for a rebuild several years ago and is still there (Italy) The second is the POSH Venture, as you can see apart from superstructure they are very similar.

So all the old running gear was pulled from the hull and deck supports and ribs pulled out, you will see there's not much room on my new work bench, at least for this 42 inch hull.

First of all after the stripping work was done, I cut out the old moulded in cable roller on the stern, it never looked right. I boxed in the inner stern and replaced it with a roller that revolves.  The stern deck will if I can figure out the pivots and other logistics be getting working sharks jaws and pop up towing pins.

Now on to hull changes, I am currently glassing in two new prop shafts, and when they arrive new Kort nozzles and props. In the meantime I had salvaged from another of my old boats two tunnel thrusters, I have put one in the bow and one in the stern, technically it should be 2 and 1, but I didn't have three!

So here are two photos of them now in the hull with epoxy filler around them, The epoxy will be coated on the inner hull with grp resin and some glass cloth to make them super watertight, but to be honest it is overkill now that the epoxy has set.

The last photo is the original boats after dragging them out of storage after thirty years! As you can see I have nothing to lose from doing a rebuild.

So thats all for now, I'll try not to leave it too long before updating.


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