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Harms Bergung: New Website; Looses six Tugs to ALP Maritime

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Harms Bergung released a newly designed website under the known address:

They now show among others press releases, videos of their tugs, and a picture gallery. The live map shows the current location of the tugs if their AIS is inside the range of land based stations. You have to zoom in a bit to see the tugs.

On the other hand Harms seems to loose six of their tugs. Harms doesn't own the tugs they just manage them. The tugs are owned by independent one-ship-companies in which Harms is one of many shareholders.
ALP Maritime Services, a Teekay subsidiary, announced purchase of the six DP II tugs managed by Harms. Only the two 100 tonnes bollard pull tugs Centaurus and Pegasus are left out.

Harms Bergung announced legal action today:

At least Harms Bergung has a management contract for the six tug. Would be interesting to see if selling the tugs is still good business for the owners, if they have to pay damages.
For Harms it is a hard blow that might end their existance.
Regards, Volker

All of the links except for the new Harms website are dead. Maybe the pages linked to have been taken down pending legal action?

I just tried the links out of my post. All worked. I don't know what happend when you tried them.
Here they are again, taken directly from the ALP website this morning:


I checked them out of the preview and they worked.
Hope that helps.
Regards Volker

All post works ok -  Thanks Volker for these links as I've learned only ALP side of this affair


According to today's Tugs Towing & Offshore Newsletter the owners of the six AHT to be bought by ALP have terminated the management agreement for good cause.

The six AHT are Orcus, Uranus, Janus, Ursus, Magnus, and Taurus.

The owners of AHT Centaurus and Pegasus did the same.

On the other hand Harms Bergung's attempt to prevent the shareholder meetings by applying for an injunction. This wa rejected by the Hamburg District Court.

Harms had pre-emption rights for four of the six tugs but didn't used them.

Source: http://newsletter.towingline.com/NewsLetterPage/GetNewsLetter/47!37153/  Page 8

My opinion: they were not able to organise enough money.

The law suits against the former owners Mr. Albrecht and Mr. Mayer cost them a lot of money. This summer they were sentenced in the second lever of jurisdiction for embezzlement in connection with the shipowning partnerships  to a suspended sentence of two years and a fine of 400,000 Euro each. The sentences aren't legally binding yet. The cause is at the German Supreme Court now.

To me it looks like Harms Bergung will cease to exist. 
Regards Volker


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