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Warwick Model Engineering Exhibition 2014


I went up to the Model Engineering Exhibition at Warwick last month (October) and come across this scratch built tug still under construction on the Birmingham Model Engineering Society's club stand, and it really did look a nice job the person who's built it has done on the tug so far.


Very neat and clean, but I hope he's able to take it apart for painting those clever little details.
It took years of building Airfix kits before I twigged the idea of painting some parts before or during assembly. These days I tend to airbrush the various assemblies with their overall colour and then pick out any fine detail with a sable brush. Once painted they are glued in place.
What techniques do others adopt?

Hi Dave

I tend to avoid pre-painting where possible.  Pre-painting, then gluing pieces together, relies upon the keying of the paint to the substrate, as you are essentially only gluing one lot of dried paint to another lot of dried paint.

However, on my kit-bashed Aziz, I have identified a number of places where pre-painting is almost necessary if / when I build another large boat.



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