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Possibility of site name change - What do you think - POLL

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The website has been running for less that a week and it has been really interesting to see how the site has developed, with out you, the members the site would be nothing and for that I for one would like to say Thank You.

What has stood out is that most people that are interested in model Tugs are generally interested in any type of Tugs, real or model and for these reasons we thought we would put it to the members that did they think a website name rethink was needed ?

We have been offered a chance to have some cool merchandise made and we thought we had better confirm once and for all what we will call ourselves.

Other names the site could be called is .....

TugBoatForum.com (perhaps opens it up to ALL Tug enthusiasts, not just model)


TugForum.com (shorter)

both names are in our ownership anyway and always will be and all names will always point to the same site ...but which do you, the members prefer ...hence the poll !

Thanks for all your continued support and contributions and together lets make this the Number 1 Tug Source on the net.



We're here for the "Model" stuff , right? I say we keep the name the same!  Cheers!  Mike

Agreed Tugs 53.

I agree to keep the same name and keep on tugging john 8)

It aint broke - don't fix it!


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