Author Topic: My recently inherited Seguin Tugboat project.  (Read 2579 times)

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My recently inherited Seguin Tugboat project.
« on: September 05, 2013, 18:03:48 »
Hi again. Here is my boat, in dire need of some help. I got started in the newbie section with an intro and thought this was the appropriate place to show what I've got. Thanks for looking.  I'm going to be looking for help & I appreciate your feedback and comments.

Back story:
Here's what I know and it may not all be true, but you know how stories are passed on, and it's all I have to go on.

In the 1930's my grandfather worked in a hardware store in Waterville, Maine and a fellow came in wanting to pawn his tugboat in exchange for some tools. He never came back and my Grandfather brought the boat home for my dad to have. He tore it all apart and beat it up as kids do, much to his later regret but that's that.

I believe it's based on the Tugboat Seguin launched in Maine about 1884 and named after Seguin Island at the mouth of the Kennebec River. It's been in our house thru several moves & for all of my life. A few years back my dad got some help from a guy doing some cosmetic restoration on it, and he got a decent start on it but never finished it. Now I have a bunch of parts and pieces to work with and like I mentioned I want to get it up to par with a professional restoration.
It originally had a kerosene steam engine with a 1 cyl vertical engine, I'm told.
Way back my Dad removed that and put in an electric motor (now gone as well). Following the botched restoration attempt it's been sitting at home patiently awaiting some help. My Father and I would love to see it fully restored and I'm hoping to get moving on it quickly.

Parts - definitely missing some, but not too bad I hope.


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Re: My recently inherited Seguin Tugboat project.
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2015, 11:31:22 »
Hope your project is finished by now. If not, check out Blue Jacket Ship Builders in Searsport Maine as they are currently kitting this tug. Midwest kitted it several years ago but is now out of production so might find info on Internet.

The Seguin had a long history of serving up and down the North East Seaboard but it's last duty was part of a 4-tug fleet based in Belfast Maine owned by Clyde Holmes, owner of Eastern Maine Towage. My wife is the grand-daughter of him. It's last voyage was to the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath Maine where unfortunately it sank at the pier before repairs could be made and was deemed to far gone to restore.