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Balne moor Roses Regatta
« on: August 16, 2015, 11:19:24 »
Hi all,
      Today my pal Jim and I attended our first Regatta at Balne moor Roses day, to say we had a great time would be a total understatement! it was absolutely brilliant, a warm welcome great bacon and egg butty and coffee plus the introduction to scale steering competiton and tug towing in pairs. Neither Jim or myself had entered any form of steering or towing competition so we did not have a clue but boy were the guys helpful. The steering course, to say the least, was a challenge to both of us but we didn't damage anything only our pride. The pairs towing was also a challenge to a novice like myself being totally clueless however I was paired with Steve and with his instruction and more guidance from John we did quite well.
    Jim and I now have bitten by the towing bug and will definitely be visiting Balne moor on a regular basis, its a two hour drive but worth every minute for the friendly warm nature of the guys and gals. Many thanks to you all not forgetting the girls in the kitchen well done.
    Be seeing you all soon.
         Kind regards,
             Peter."Faz".Farrell Southport MBC.
The photo is my Lowgarth Mountfleet models but my own design and build (the kit quality and fit was very poor) I scatch built the superstructure from photos of the Foylegarth and scaled it off the figures. Sails superbly.