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Greetings from Canada, Vancouver Island
I am a newbie to this forum.

I sail with a friend who builds museum quality large scale models, one of which is the SS Master, a vintage tug built in the 1920s and still working on the Canadian West coast supporting " tug tourists " . Bryon is not interested in computers, preferring instead his workshop time, so he asked me to take some photos of his model and upload them to the web.  I suggested that my photos of his model may spark some interest in a popular UK magazine " Model Boats " and we were very pleased to see the photos published in the April issue, including a feature photo on the front page.  It may be difficult to believe but this large scale ( replica ) is his first build. For those of you who have not seen the magazine article, here is the link to a BLOG I created to share this MASTER piece ( pun intended )


John C.

Just realized this may be the wrong forum for this genre of tug , if the moderator is able to change it to the correct
forum , please do so


John C

Hello John,

Thank you for sharing your friend's fine tugboat model. For sure, it is a real
beautiful tugboat. The link you posted works fine and shows many interesting
pictures of the tug "Master".

Your link, bryonsboats.blogspot.com, is worth a look-see. I posted two of
the pictures from the link here for all to see however there are several closeups
to see on Bryon's Blog.

A pleasure to meet you John and Welcome Aboard,

Exceptional workmanship.  I believe you took me to Bryon's workshop when the Master was a work in progress.


Hello Norm
Good to hear from you.
Yes, that is the same model, same workshop.  Bryon and I sail together twice weekly, I take videos and stills and create 5-6 minute videos for our club.
A few months ago Bryon was looking for a new build and could not find a suitable subject. I showed him a photo of a German light ship ELBE1 and he immediately wanted to build it. Friends of mine in Germany live 7 miles from a company who sells the plans, a week later Bryon is enlarging them to 62 inches and is well into the build. Another
museum quality model is on the horizon.

i trust you are well, will pass on your Bravo Zulu to Bryon.

John C


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