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Evening all,

Here's a few pictures of my Mount Fleet Lowgarth in build . . . with a deckhouse and hull from Bosun Model Boats. The Mount Fleet wheelhouse was a poor representation of the real tug (which I sailed on once with TugChief and grew up watching working around the Bristol Channel) so I modified a Uskgarth deckhouse (wheelhouse side windows a little smaller).

The project has been ongoing for a few years and spent more time in box but now I have a new house with a garage /man cave its taking shape and I have my mojo for it back! Hopefully I'll post a regular flow of updates in coming weeks/months.


Marking windows for cutting.

Windows cut awaiting filing.

Freeing ports cut and anchors fitted.

Motor and shaft fitted.

Deck Beams fitted. Motor mount, rudder, bilge keels glassed in.

Deck cut to fit.

Starting to come together and looking very much like Lowgarth!


it's a nice looking tug , what a difference a few fittings make

Look forward to seeing more of your build,


Beautiful Chris. . .I gained many new ideas for my build from your well done pictures.
Keep them coming and thank you.


sea monkey:
Great progress, looks good.

model tugman:
Looking like a proper tug now ,well done.👍👍👍👍👍


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